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Walk the Line

Walk the Line
The “Walk the Line” comprises of Johnny Cash and June Carter as the main characters. Johnny Cash, born in Arkansas to Ray Cash and Carrie Cash, developed musical interest during his childhood (Hockfield, p. 72). He sang together with their family while working in their cotton fields. This exposure and the hardships he underwent through inspired him to become a musician. His dream started to grow after joining the air force where buys a guitar and starts composing his music. Whilst there, he got engaged to Vivian Liberto and after their marriage they moved and settle in Tennessee with their daughter, Rosanne Cash. Here, Jonny hooked up with Sun Records and begun recording his songs and formed a band (the Tennessee Two) as well. With assistance of Sam Philips, owner of Sun records they record the song, “Folsom Prisons Blues.” Johnny Cash started touring with his band and got to interact with many different artists, amongst them June Carter on his tours. Thereafter, Johnny and June went most of the tours together and strong love developed between them. However, Johnny attempts to woo June fails prompting him to indulge in drugs. Because of this behavior June backed out of his tours. Later Johnny persuaded June to accompany him again at an award show. The tour turns out to a success as they reconcile. This is blow to his marriage to Vivian and leads to a conflict that ends up in a divorce. Johnny moves to Hendersonville in order to be closer to June.
Johnny Cash had great love for prisoners triggered by his interaction with them during his various arrest due to drugs possession. As a result, he performed various concerts in prisons like the Folsom prison. His continued efforts to pursue June bears fruits in one of the concerts as June agreed his proposal while they were on stage. They got married and lived and raised their children together till their death. In this movie, Johnny Cash’s character is played by Joaquin Phoenix. Robert Patrick and Shelby Lynne pose as Johnny Cash’s parents in this movie. Like his father, Rosanne Cash grew to become a country music artist. She is Johnny Cash’s first and eldest daughter from his wife Vivian. Ginnifer Goodwin plays the role of Vivian Liberto and Hailey Anne Nelson represents Rosanne Cash in this movie.
Relative to June Carter, she was born in Virginia, to Ezra Carter and Maybelle Carter. The Carter family was renowned in country music and June started singing with their family at the age of ten. After the end of their WBT (a radio station in Carolina) contract, they formed Maybelle and Carter Sister’s group. This group comprised of her mother and her other two sisters. It was the first group to be aired on Virginia’s radio station (WRNL) .June had a successful music career both as a solo artist and in group performances, first with her family later followed by her husband, Johnny Cash. Likewise, her family, she was also known for her country music like the “Jukebox Blues of 1950s.’ She got married thrice, first to Carl Smith and finally settled with Johnny Cash. She had one child in each marriage. Reese Witherspoon takes the role June Carter in this movie.
With respect to Sam Philips depicted by Dallas Roberts, he is a record producer mostly known for the foundation of Sun Records and Studios in Tennessee. Through the Sun Records, he discovered and developed recording talents amongst many artists including Johnny Cash. His experience with singing workers in the farms during his childhood inspired him to music. This is attributed to the fact that Philip was born to tenant farmers. As far as Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant, they were the back duo for Johnny Cash’s Tennessee Two band. Perkins was the electric guitarist whereas Grant bass guitarist. The band later came to be known as Tennessee Three with inclusion of drummer, Fluke Holland. In the movie, Luther Perkin represented by Dan Jon Miller, Marshall Grant by Larry Bagby and Fluke Holland by Clay Steakley.
In regards to country music, it is a music genre that is widely recognized in America. This genre of music has its origin in 1920s from Southern American rural areas (Huber, p.43). It usually comprised of dance tunes and ballads accompanied with musical instruments such as guitars, harmonicas, banjoes and so forth. This movie highly portrays this music genre. Johnny Cash and June Cater are portrayed as great country music artists. Cash took most of his performances in prisons attributed to his compassion for inmates. Music has great impact in the lives of both musicians and listeners. Majority of music are composed based on artist’s personal experience or common issues that affecting the society. Country music has helped to improve welfare of people by sanitizing the issues affecting them. In the movie, Johnny Cash is seen to presents most his performance in prisons. This is aimed to improve the moral behavior of the prisoners. Cash has experienced prison life; therefore he best suited to address issues pertaining to prisoners.

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