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What fuels fat

What fuels fat
Recent campaign all over the world in the media geared towards reducing the rates of obesity have with no doubt led to fats phobia and subsequently many people have stopped consuming meals rich in fats. The ironical twist of it all is that fats are a source of energy which is the engine of the body.Adispose tissue famously dubbed fat has the sole role of “storing ingested energy in the body” (Badman & Flier, 2007).
Fats regulation
A gross rise in the increase of weight has led to serious scientific research and debates to come up with the most efficient way to regulate the human body weight. its worth noting that the main cause of increase in obesity in recent years is as a result of numerous factors but surprisingly and mistakenly all efforts of dedicated towards reduction in consuming meals with fat contents (Badman & Flier, 2007).
Scientific research has been gathered which shows that genetic variations and environmental influences form part of fats related health issues. Studied research shows that a gene known as FTO is responsibly linked to obesity after scanning forty thousand genome wide scans. Carriers of FTO in the cases aforementioned are said to have three kilograms heavier than other people (Badman & Flier, 2007). Basically genes alone can’t bring about obesity but their interaction with environment facilitates obesity. The said environment catalyses the process
The likes and the dislikes
Bearing in mind that there other methods of reducing fats in the body, I feel much persuaded to point out that the key role of the brain in the entire fat regulatory process should at all times be put into consideration. Seeing a therapist when stressed and having enough sleep to maintain the right state of the mind while providing an environment for the effective control of the regulatory system by the brain. I like the method of reducing obesity based on the patient instructions of how to avoid certain diets, encouraging them to start physical exercises and to have minimal consumption of food. This helps the patient in the most natural way. Bariatric surgery is another method which entails removing the fatty part of the stomach to minimize the stomach. I don’t like this method since it has grievous side effects just like any other surgery. One can die during the surgery and further its not economic friendly (Powell, 2007).
I would suggest that unless effective drugs are discovered without gross effects, people should be advised to utilize the natural methods which are not only easy to adopt .Methods such as giving the brain favorable environment to regulate the amount of the fats in the body are highly recommended. A drug for obesity has been said that it should act through separate ways but to achieve one end (Powell, 2007).
In our tireless efforts to research on the drug and different ways to deal with the excess fats in the body its worth remembering the function of the brain in the regulatory process of fats in the body. Those suffering from obesity should be encouraged to try physical exercises first.

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