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WORKFORCE PLANNING Woolworths limited. Factors that affect the supply of labor

Woolworths limited.
Factors that affect the supply of labor
Woolworths conducts its work in a way that satisfies the needs of the Australia customers. The company builds close link with other departments to give out best customer experience. Supply of labor offers a significant relationship between company and customers in delivery network. They give out what company wants in production of its products. Any problem causes by these, will influence marketing. Managers in the market should look at it closely together with the costs. There are factors that affect Woolworths Limited company labor supply of Woolworths limited company, these factors create barrier between the company and the customers satisfactions. Working overtime opportunities in Woolworths which tends to increase payment and productivity. These can also affect the customers in accessing certain commodities past the time set. The stores are closed past the time, avoiding shopping. Most shopping occurs on Monday to Friday at limited time from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. working hours. Time for availing products to the customers faces challenges due to poor climate, topography of land and distance coverage. Restriction of labor supply entry, achieved through setting some requirements in order to get qualified people in the organization. Payment is done according to some level. Professions are paid highly than other people. Insufficient taxations greatly affect the labor in terms of offering employment.
Language barrier, lack of skills is affecting the industry to participate in work. Only few individuals have the literacy skills that assist them in day to day life and work. Training is determined by how fast someone is able to learn the language. People with less skill are not likely to get the job. When the skills are used well it builds workforce industry relationship to fulfill their needs.
Growing technology is changing the business model of the company. Different ways of doing things comes in. Mining sector is greatly influenced, with the machines developments from the Australian research in features. It takes time before the workers adjust to new technology.
Work pattern is changing. The company takes experts in different sector especially those who have advanced their learning. This is due to the competition as million people can be able to perform work.  Work-life balance is of greater importance, aged people avoid retirements, while young people try so much to get into work and those with higher education are the once who get the jobs. Currently there is less than 55 percent of post-school qualification and the holding is expected to be 70.
The company has many migrants who play an important role in the development of our company. We are trying much as we can to give out priorities to our people by up-skilling to increase labor force. So far we don’t reach our goal of 70 per cent.
Gender affects the company. It`s determined by the type of work available. Men are very many as compared to women. Most works in the company needs a lot of energy e.g. mining. Female fits well in light works such as health care and social assistance and they comprise of almost 70 per cent. Type of work is determined by gender. Also, women face disadvantages returning to work after getting children and when someone gets ill. But currently measures have been put where people benefit if such happens takes place.
Undersupply of labor
Some of sectors in the industry lacks` qualified workers. Australians should be trained in order to get the skills needed in areas of shortage. Many of them do not have post-school qualification. Education is so important, it determines the employment outcome. The industry is looking for the unskilled people in order to enter in the workforce. Also, re-training existing workers is enhanced to fulfill the shortage.
Analysis has been conducted in the company. In the past years, we have employed workers of different educational background. School leavers offer a low participation while high qualified people and professions offer highest rate of participation. In order to get qualified people the company through the government had to find migrants to provide labor.
Factors affecting the demand for labor
The world of today is very competitive due to the innovations going on. Our industry is trying its best to reach our maximum productive potential. Creativity and innovation creates a relationship with productivity, they create impact to the other. By being creative, our workers have gotten skills that help in developing the workforce. Improvements have been realized in recent days as compared to the past which was at risk. Prosperity of the company is being seen in different area i.e. prices, exports.
Online retailing by customers through technology advancement has caused challenges to the industry. It`s done through different sites using smart devices. Many customers shop online through internet and use this to compare the prices and use online retailers that avail products to them.
Educated people have created a big difference in the introduction of new technology. They have come up with new ways and ideas. Identification and implementing new ideas has lead to increased industry productivity and human capital. Unskilled people make the business stagnant. They act as a barrier in developments by giving no idea to industry.
Government initiative that affects the demand and supply of labor
Australian government offers employment to our industry. Our company is affected by placement of fixed minimum wage by the government initiatives, consideration of employment in the economy. Low minimum wages remove unskilled workers from employment. It takes time before relocation. This is not the only way that can lead to unemployment. Others include: the change of technology and when a person chooses to move in jobs. In some case, the workers are informed on the next step. If the worker fails to get job, details about the wage adjustment is brought into consideration.
Government employing people with disabilities to industries is of great concern. Statistics of the company shows that the policy is failing in employing people with disabilities. Targets are set in order to avoid barrier that leads to long term employment not achieved, should set aside funds that be benefited with people of disability who can lose their job due to disabilities.
Our company has few people with disability. With the proposed government changes will directly influence the company. Their opinion will hinder the achievement of goals set by us. These people do not fit with the competing world. State shoulder look for alternative way of offering them employment. Taking them to school to school, training them in different department is of benefit such as tailoring. Special people should be trained to take care of them.
Staff diversity
Our organization has staff equipped with a lot of experience. They cover a larger dimension both of primary and secondary dimensions. Primary dimensions covers people of different age, gender and religion while secondary are communication styles and origin. Diversity helps in increasing productivity and competitiveness. This adds value to the customer and taken as an important goal. Our industry have established programs leads to diversity and included in workplaces.
Diversity can be empowered by leadership. In the industry department there are some of the leaders who are placed to go around and teach people how diversity is important to everyone. The team gains advisory from either of the employee that helps them achieve diversity goals. People who have been awarded by the industry share their experience throughout to show the significance of it.
Employee involvement in diversity directly helps in achieving goals. Meetings can be called where everyone participate openly to access the status of diversity. It increases the workspace for employees in maintaining workforce.
Our organization supports teamwork. Which focuses in performing tasks, their participation encourages, and important in diversity of issues one can carry out self developments through these groups.
Organizational strategy and workforce alignment
Our organization comprises of many people, it comprise workers of different ages. Most of the workforce contains young individual. Age differ in different areas, older people are in management sector (Steingold, 2015). Findings found that they have stayed in the organization so long and have acquired extra experience that helps in development. The younger workers mostly are in the sales unit. They are still energetic with no or little experience. This helps them to interact with outside people in order to get knowledge and experience. Recognition of the organization came as a result of giving young people jobs and building their skills.
Gender balance has been taken into consideration depending on the area of work. Forty-seven per cent of total workers are women. Health, food and accommodation sector comprises of maximum number of women about eighty-two per cent. Mining, electrical and engineering sector comprises of mainly men about eighty-nine percent. Casual employment is around 30 per cent and 42 percent part-time.
Part-time and casual working comes as a result, when someone is studying, taking care of children and retirement. These help them to generate income that helps in the progress of their family and education.
Workers, who have insecure work as a result of not having needed qualifications, can still secure the job through training opportunities that is done by the industry.
Having a high number of casual compared to permanent workers, this creates negative impacts in terms of skills and developing workforce. Within these people, there are some who consider job as a way of earning income for supporting education. Some with family want to get permanent jobs once they are done with caring. As others want to try hard in securing their jobs, there is chance for those who want to continue with their career and emphasis on strategies.
Staff turnover
In the company we have experience high rate of turnover. Turn over occurs in a number of ways such as retirement, family issues, joining a new job, tired of work and also starting their own business. Not all turnover is comes as a result of influence from the industry. If incase there is high turnover in the company, the problem should be identified. Coming late to work and absenteeism shows signs of turnover. Our industry experiences high turnover in the mining sector. Overall performance of mining is affect.
In recent research carried out, the sector has new workers. Senior miners have resigned from the job. Gold and coal shows high number of turn out. Fewer individuals are the ones retaining the workforce. Also, health of workers is affected.  Workers in this sector should be highly motivated and equipped with skills. This makes an attracting environment for the success of business.
Different strategies are put into consideration so as the employees remain in the industry. We have identified things that will make the employees to stay such as pay, good working condition.
Strategies to find skilled labor from external sources
Our organization faces challenges in terms of getting qualified people to meet our standards. Strategies are put by the industry to attract workers from other organizations. The strategies set include:

Advertising- we attract people by showing how best our company is to work for.
Training existing staff- low-skilled people are trained to reach the standards needed by us.
Recruiting- recruitment process is done in time and training to make the person ready for job
Internship- sourcing of the best candidate in the workplace especially from student sent to different fields.

Contingency option to deal with extreme situations
Industry has put into place some measure that ensure the customers get there needs even though the company faces challenges. A team headed by executive director and his assistance deals with such situations. In situation such as losing many workers in a short period in form of retirement, the company has set rules in such issues. Recruitment of employees is done before the period reaches. Some of the new workers who are in our training centers are brought to work. The rate or retirement is set to match with the recruitment. The employees are set in such a way is there is any shortage of workforce, there quickly adjust to the changes and fill the gap.
Workers health matters a lot in participation in work force. When person health changes due to being sick, it creates a gap in the company. Measures of maintaining good hygiene is put in place in all areas of the industry (Vaiman, & Vance, 2010). There are workers who deal with cleaning all over the industry sectors .Hospital is situated in the industry to offer medical attention to the workers. In case of accidents and injuries, the health sector responds faster. The organization in health sector has a specific number where the workforce reports a problem of being sick. Awareness is created to the industry management through the sector, and adjustments done where needed.
People in different places including the remote areas need jobs. The industry has set strategies that create awareness to people all over. Best way of getting workers from remote areas is through advertisement and having staffs that carry out field work to remote areas.
Organizational strategies and changes needed for modification of workforce
Improvements are needed to meet the future goals. A qualified workforce is supposed to be increased and employing people with great skills. As the economy changes, workers should equip themselves with more than two professions in order to fit in any industry and sectors. Nobody knows what future holds, the labor market will need extra skills in workforce. This means that our industry need to double effort in workforce.
With changes in industries, influences the employees too. Future training of workers is supposed to be different from those employed currently. Innovation and technology taking place needs qualified workers. Our company needs more professions and specialized occupation to balance the supply and demand qualifications to reduce the gap.
Organization workforce needs
Achieving workforce needs, helps in supporting organizational objectives presently and in future. It focuses on people with high skills, the required number of workers, in the best working condition to meet the demand of the business.
The decision is to bring changes. Organization focuses in bringing up new workers, some standard must be achieved in training them; changing of the present curricula to new one; introducing of new strategies. It will take time for these to be accomplished.
Need assessing is the introduction of human resource foundation in the industry; the outcomes are used to discuss objectives and strategies with extensive services offered. This helps to provide knowledge on how one can assess the future organizational requirements.
Organization current workforce to meet the predicted demand of goods and services
Here, we see how best our workforce can deliver business outcomes. The organization has a well equipped workers with skills are knowledge to meet the demand. The industry works at 24 hours schedule, therefore production and delivery of goods and services are active at all the time needed. Absenteeism is not common, unless in serious cases such as falling sick.
Number of people who have skills delivery of goods and services can bring effect.  When the suppliers are many in the market, they distribute products in limited time to meet the demand of the consumer.
Strategies used to address oversupply of future staff members
Industry need to know the number of currently employed and needed in future. Putting into consideration the company`s strategic goals to avoid mess. Before this is done, know your future plan and the recent performance. This will help in knowing the gap between your current and desired. By looking at skills, identify lines of weakness in the business. Look at the skills level, turnover rate and retirement in the company if they meet the future expectation. Implement your plan ensuring that everyone you bring to the business has technology skills required.
Option for communication strategies
Communicating to staffs on ongoing information that they have no idea of is very important. Awareness is created to the processes that are done without their involvement. Feedbacks can be heard about the change initiative. The plans should have the following:

Audience who should receive the information
Message itself
Delivery method

How the staff gets the message can be:

Directly involvement in meetings
Sending representatives
Putting notices
Electronic method like emailing, messaging via phones

Assessment 2
Question 1
According to De Bruecker, Van den Bergh, Beliën, & Demeulemeester, (2015) a plan is a forecast or approximation of how operations of a company will be conducted in the near future. Planning helps the management in several ways including; proper time management for high productivity, reduction of relevant costs that may contribute to reduction of overall profits of the company and employee turnover that can cause lose of experienced professional in the key areas of the company. The management should be considerate of this key element to encourage high performance. In relation to managing the workforce a proper implementation plan should be laid down.
Haynes, (2011) refers to diversity management as the best strategy including practices that a management has to adopt so that it improves the organizations performance and also help the company to achieve its long term and short term objectives. Best practices adopted include;

Employee resource group

The effective usage of the groups comprising of the various employees creates a milestone in objective achievement. The companies should plan to have various employees included in groups that are reliable and efficient. This is depicted in Lent, (2013) in his article describing various formations that help improve productivity. The resource groups are created to help and improve decision making processes and procedures a reality. This eases the procedures and basically, decisions made are based on shared ideas from various employees.

The management should plan for mentoring of its employees. Sponsorship should be considered in order to develop the employee at his work place. This is a strategic way of ensuring employee retention and equipping employees with the better knowledge of the job as a description of the entire requirement. Steingold, (2015) gives a clear and distinct description of the entire implementation plan. He includes all necessary requirements that are needed to make diversity management complete. Best practices are involved and implementation of diversity creates a dire requirement of a professional management that is keen on maximizing profit and owner’s wealth including minimizing associated costs (Vaiman, & Vance, (2010).

For a company to operate efficiently, it must be well staffed. This means that the business must have sufficient work force to enable it produce or carry out its operations in an effective and efficient manner. Smith, (2012) explains the need of a company having a well planned workforce. Proper performance of the company is defined the experience and knowledge that an employee has towards a given task. The firm will enhance productivity and in return generate more revenues. A clear plan about the workforce is to be put in place to ensure proper planning for labor that could be required in the coming financial year. This includes practices such as rotation of employees from one firm to another to enable. Due to the growing nature of the industry, the company needs to take precautions. These precautions are to cover it against any unfavorable outcomes that are most likely to happen. The management should plan on how to overcome such staffing needs. In this way policies and procedures are laid down to keep the track and ensure proper ways and means of staff recruitment. Recruitment as defined by Haynes, (2011) refers to the process that is applied by various organizations to enlist new persons to the business. A clear and distinct process should be outlined by the human resource manager on how new people should be recruited. The process should apply all through a given term of operation. In doing this, workforce planning for the next financial and operation will be made easier. Planning for work force means estimating the quantity of labor that will be required in the coming year and not putting aside quality of production consideration (Marston, 2010).
Training is part of employee familiarity to the job specification. After recruitment of new people into the organization a rigorous training is required and recommended to the new members. This is depicted in Froelich et al, (2014) where they described training as an essential for employee adaptation. The employee has to be given proper training in areas that require proper guidance. This is to be done by the respective manager or by the former employee of the same position. Woolworth has perceived a better position in employee training. This has included both existing and new employees. It has set aside costs that are directed to training in the near future to allow link the transition period. Such a precaution is very important in cases where companies operate with huge margins. Proper training of the work force has to be instituted to enhance productivity. Familiarity enables employees study the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunity that may be available at a future date (Haynes, 2011). A suitable plan is put in place to cater for changes, supply and demand of the employees. This helps to overcome challenges that may arise in the process business caries on its operations.
It involves the assignment of the employees to new places of work. Woolworth being a company that is globalized, it has established roots all over the countries in the world. Employees of the company should be assigned to these various work stations mainly for the company to improve its productivity and secondly, for the employees to avoid boredom i.e. working in the same station for a long time may be a cause for this boredom. Lent, (2013) provides that a conducive environment is one which allows and meets the requirements of its employees, gives the employees room for training and development. Most organizations including Woolworths Company has practiced this culture and this gives the main reason of the company strengthening its roots and capturing a wide customer base.

Internal labour needs identified
Strategies to address need
Resources and/or Budget required
Proposed timeframe

Scarcity of labour
500 employees
After 1 financial period

Training and development of the staff
Workshops and seminars
After a period of three months

Providing necessities such as allowances and medical covers
Support from employer
After a period of one month

Question 2
The current number of employees of Woolworth Company is 205,000 it is estimated that the staff turnover per year is 625 employees. This is due to various factors including natural calamities, retirement and incompetency.
The approximate percentage of turnover every year is as follows;
Number staff turnover divided by total number of employees multiplied by one hundred percent.
= 0.3049%
The above results imply that out 205,000 employees only 99.7% will turn out in the next financial period. Knowing such critical information, it will be essential to the company when making critical decisions such as workforce planning.
Question 3 The chart represents the organization positions
The key positions to be utilized here are the supervisors, bottom management and middle management. These positions are the closest positions to the employees. They work together to ensure that the company objectives are achieved as outlined in the company’s constitution. Such positions are very crucial in any organization because they hold the company’s operations at hand. Then, for a company to perform well it has to ensure that there are good relations among the employees.
Question 4
The succession plan will be based on the staff turnover rate. The basic succession will be implemented through promotion and by improving the employee’s lifestyle which includes the living standard.  This will be done after a full year of financial service. It will majorly depend on the employee effort and input towards the revenue generation of the company. Making working conditions better for employees will give a taste to every individual and make them always long to work for the company i.e. make the organization the best employer choice (Marston, 2010).
To identify staff for succession one needs to check on various factors. These factors will always try to give the best and ensure the going concern of the company. Employees who have served in the company for a reasonable period of time may be the best candidates of succession. In addition employee input and dedication towards the allocated specification.
There are several ways to develop employees for succession. One is by training. The employee is trained on various issues regarding the company. This will help expose the employee to wider issues and matters of the company that were not clear at the beginning. Such exposure will make the employee understand the company better and be able to focus on the weaknesses to transform them to strengths.
The other, is to allow the employee advance in the academic qualifications to sharpen and advance his or her skills. Advanced levels of education are more of managerial. This will make the employee be in a position of understanding the business in and out.
Part B
Question 1
Workforce plan of Woolworth Company is quite clear and distinct. It involves various components such as recruiting, rotation, training and development etc. The plan to curb any shortages is put in place. This implies that a sufficient workforce is recruited to avoid any scarcity. The current pattern adopted mainly concerns the casualization, emergency and other factors that may lead to scarcity of the workforce. Rotation is a workforce plan that ensures quality and quantity. The company practices this strategy to avoid boredom of a worker working in the same work station for a long period of time. The results to boredom may be poor quality and reduced quantity (Schweyer, 2010).
Training and development of employees is a key to improved relations between the company and its workforce as depicted by Haynes, (2011). The workforce is equipped with the necessary knowledge that will help in achieving the company’s goals i.e. long term and short term goals.
Question 2
Survey conduct
The survey is conducted on the employees who are to give their own opinions on satisfaction.
The outcomes are based on good, fair, very good, and poor grounds.

Job security



Very good

Very good


Line manager 1


Line manager2


Line manager3


line manager4

line manager5

Question 3
The main objectives of the business are to be refined and include all elements that will improve the performance of the government. The objectives based on productivity and profitability is given priority. Cost minimization and profit maximization will be directed as prioritized. Strategies should be put in place including precautionary strategies. Strategic plans and strategies should be considered. Long term and short term strategies should be implemented to help improved performance or to curb any costs that may be associated. Wealth and profit maximization is one of the basic objectives of operating a business. Globalization should be considered as part of the long term strategies that should benefit the business for as long as the business is in operation. Such strategies when adopted and implemented as required will improve performance.  The changes that are experienced by the company either internally or externally may be regulated depending on their occurrence. The internal changes are due to internal alterations of the business such as hiring and firing the employees that is done externally by the human resource management.
The change is effected due to some reasons i.e. if the company has a rotational policy, if there are some casualties and in case there are some discrepancy among the workers in terms of competencies.  Proper strategies and precautions should be put in place. Such strategy should comprise on how employees should be recruited i.e. the recruitment process.
External changes such as loss of customers and changes experienced in products and services delivered to the customers, should also be considered. Loss of customers will be due to high competition in the market and presence of substitutes. This implies that if there are other players in the market, the prices of commodities will always differ due to the need of the companies to have a wide market share and maximize on their profit. Customers will always prefer products that are pocket friendly. Therefore, Woolworth should consider adopting characteristics and features that will always attract the customers and maintain their frequencies. Quality of the products and services should be the key to win the goodwill of customers.
Sometimes products offered in the market may be outdated due to frequently changing technology. The technology is being developed in each and every business cycle. Therefore, for a company to remain a competitive nature, it must be ready to cope up and accept the changes in the market. The products and services provided should align with the current customer specifications and requirements. Such strategy will always keep the company at a competitive advantage. It will help in maximizing the profit of the company and in the long run the wealth of the shareholders.
Question 4
Trends are brought about by many factors. The changes are triggered by technological advancements that occur in the day to day operations of the business. The changes are market, product and customer driven. In order to cope with the changes the business has to take precautions to overcome this changes that may negatively affect the operations of the business. The outlook of the various products has been advanced and adjusted to suit the requirements of the target person who is usually the customer. Systems have become automated and even labor is on the track to being replaced by machines currently referred to as ‘robots’. The robots work on a command that is directed by the operator. Such trend has helped improve efficiency and effectiveness of the business operations. Products will be produced based on customer specifications. Sometimes trends such as online marketing are currently dominating the market. The market is also becoming competitive and this will create an advantage to the company i.e. the business will take advantage of the competitive environment.
Changes in climate has also influenced workforce planning. Due to non-correlation of the climate with business activities, the performance of the business has been affected giving a new impression of management operations. The major segments of the business have been affected either positively or negatively. This implies that more labor or less labor may be required to enforce operations. Woolworths Company has globalized. The major areas of its operations have been affected due to climatic changes in Australia. This has either influenced the operation positively or negatively. More workforce will be planned for incase there is a prediction of a favorable weather condition. This indicates that more labor will be required to maximize profit of Woolworth Company.
Major fire that has occurred in parts of Australia community recently has affected the business. The workforce has been influenced negatively. This is due to the losses that have been experienced in terms of customers and revenue for the company. The business branches have been affected since they ceased to operate for a given period of time and even some are wound up. Therefore, the workforce that is planned is expected to be lower than the usual number that has existed before. The fire consumed the business branches. This implies that the workforce that was required to work on these companies is reduced completely. This forces the managing of workforce to be redone effectively.
Casualization influences the management of workforce. Woolworth Company is operating in chemical related products that are very risky to human health. This requires the company to take precautions against such unfavorable condition and risky working environment for the innocent workers. However, regardless of great caution and care taken there are still casualties. Therefore, planning of the workforce will be influenced. More workers are to be employed to cover up the gap that may affect the normal functioning of the business.
De Bruecker, P., Van den Bergh, J., Beliën, J., & Demeulemeester, E. (2015). Workforce planning incorporating skills: State of the art. European Journal of Operational Research, 243(1), 1-16.
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