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Working with an SME to Design Training for Local Industry Leaders

Working with an SME to Design Training for Local Industry Leaders
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Respond to all questions.  Keep in mind that there is not “one right answer” – I am looking for your ability to think through the questions, tying in, when you can, what you’ve read and if you have experiences that are similar, drawing from those experiences.
Sample question:  Recognizing that the SME’s main priority is to produce income for the organization, and not develop instructional materials, how would you approach working with your SME?.
1.    Referring to the SME  types outlined by Chuck Hoddell (2013) in his article, what type of SME do you think Dr. Wilcox would be for this particular project and why?  What other types of SMEs do you think you might bring into this project, and why?
2.    What are some specific steps that you would take to gain Dr. Wilcox’s confidence in working with you?  Why are these steps important?
3.    In thinking about the Vissher-Voerman (2004) paradigms for practicing instructional design, which paradigm would you find most helpful in this situation, and why?
4.    What are ways that you could help Dr. Wilcox feel a sense of material ownership for what is being developed?  And, how might you handle a situation where she feels a piece of content is very important but you feel it is peripheral to the objectives for the training course?
5.    Pick three of the competencies recently outlined by the American Society for Training and Development as important for practicing instructional designers.  Then, discuss how those competencies are important to, and could be applied to, this case.

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