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Write a comparison or a contrast essay

Write an essay in which you compare two ideas, items, processes, people, or places to show how one is similar or different from the other, but not just for the sake of comparing. You will write the essay to make a point about the two ideas, items, processes, people or places. Before beginning to write, however, please read the following additional information on writing comparisons.
Before you begin writing your essay.Write a comparison or a contrast essay. You may use either the “point-by-point” method of developing your ideas or the “subject-by-subject” method (also known as the block method).
The topic that you are interested in and that you know something about. You may choose to compare two different meanings of familar words such as “love” or “romance.”
Introduction (10 points)
• Focus the reader’s attention on the subject of the essay in a thorough paragraph of thought-provoking sentences leading effectively into the thesis statement.
• If the thesis is not stated, as in a narrative or argument that implies the main idea or builds to the main point in the conclusion, provide background or use other devices to stimulate interest in your subject and provide a direction for your essay.
Thesis (10 points) Chapters 1 and 2b
• Option 1: Clearly, specifically, and interestingly state or imply the main idea that the essay will explain or support.
• Option 2: If appropriate, build to the main point stated or clearly implied in the conclusion.
Development (35 points) TLBH, Chapters 2-4, especially 2a, 2c, and 4c
• Thoroughly support or explain the thesis or build to a logical conclusion in a series of vivid, interesting paragraphs, fully developed with facts, examples, reasons, narration, description, comparison, cause and effect, process analysis, or other appropriate methods.
Expression (10 points) TLBH, Chapters 23 and 37-39
• Use precise language, varied sentence beginnings, and varied sentence patterns to express ideas.
Unity (10 points) TLBH, Chapter 4a
• Make each sentence in a paragraph adhere to the main idea of the paragraph; make each paragraph adhere to the main idea of the essay.
Organization and Coherence (10 points) TLBH, Chapter 4c
• Arrange ideas in a logical order; use transitions and other cohesive devices to link ideas effectively within and between paragraphs.
Conclusion (10 points) TLBH, Chapter 4e
• Logically complete the development of the thesis or build to the main point of the essay.
Format (5 points) TLBH, Chapter 46c
• Follow the MLA format.
Creativity and Revision (up to 5 points) TLBH, Chapter 3a-f
• Up to 5 extra points may be awarded for creative expression or improvement through revision.

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