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Written Assignment 3: College Degree Comparison

Written Assignment 3: College Degree Comparison
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hi.lets stay on track with where we were before, and continue with the next assignment.
do the 1st small group discussion 1st, then this..i will upload the other assignment in a minute in the next order. ! ?
Using examples from at least two of the other colleges you researched, offering a degree similar to the one you will be designing at Empire State College, write about the following:
•What did you learn about the mission and purpose of the concentrations/majors you’ve researched?
•What general skills and knowledge will graduates from these specific concentrations or major programs have?
•What special content areas or subjects are required for the concentrations or majors you researched?
•What courses should you include in your individualized ESC degree plan to address these specific academic expectations?
Important Note:
Do not compare whole college programs (e.g., ESC requires 128 credits while college X requires 130; ESC requires general learning in 7 areas while college X requires these general learning courses).
Instead, do compare the knowledge and skills expected for your concentrations/majors. The assignment should focus on comparing similar college concentrations or majors with the individualized degree concentration that you’re designing at ESC.

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