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Applied Business Project 3B Guidelines
Eller College of Management
This document contains instructions on completing ABP-3B for MIS 111 class.
MIS 111 – Computers and the Internetworked Society
Applied Business Project 3B Guidelines
MIS 111 Online Applied Business Project  3B
Assignment Overview
An  informational  website  is  a  starting  point  for  learning  about  a  company  –  what
are  its  products  and  services,  and  affords  the  company  an  opportunity  to  make  a
good  first  impression.  An  informational  website  differs  from  a  transactional  ecommerce website in that it generally contains fairly static information and does not
provide  the  capability  for  entering  orders  for  products,  requesting  services,  or
directly engaging with the staff (aside from telephone or email  contacts).
For Applied Business Project 3B, you will create an informational website based on
the business you were previously used for ABP-1  (refer to your D2L grade book as
your “ABP  Ticker”).  Your website  should include  a  brief overview of the  company
itself,  and  links  to  additional  information  on  the  corporation’s  products,
management,  financial  status  that  would  be  of  interest  to  investors.  You  website
should consider the principles of good website design that were discussed in class,
effectively using both textual and graphical information.
An example webpage is included with this document as Appendix A.
Important Reminder
When you post your webpage to the u.arizona.edu server, it will be visible to any user on
the  internet.   Therefore,  you  are  should  NOT  include  any  personally  identifiable
information, such as  your name, student ID, the class on your webpage.   For grading
purposes, the URL for your u.arizona.edu website can be used to determine your identity.
After  your  ABP-3B  grade  has  been  posted  to  D2L,  you  can  either  replace  your  project
website  with  anything  that  meets  the  University’s  the  acceptable  use  policy  for  personal
web pages (see:  http://security.arizona.edu/aup), or simply delete your index.html file to
remove your web presence entirely.
Examples shown in this document should ONLY be used as a guideline for the graphical
style expected for the task. You should refer to the guidelines for information about
the content required in the figures and tables may differ from prior assignments.
Applied Business Project 3B Guidelines
Getting Background Information on Company
For this project, you MUST use the company listed in your D2L grade book item
as your “ABP Company Ticker and Name” (the company you were assigned to use for
Applied Business Project 1).
Since  you’ve  already  worked  with  this  company  for  ABP-1,  you  should  already  be
familiar with how to locate information about your assigned company using Google
Finance,  your  company’s  official  website,  or  other  online  sources.  As  with  any
assignment,  be  sure  to  include  proper  attribution  (citations)  for  any  material  you
copy  from  a  published  source  (printed  or  online).  The  citation  for  an  image  can
simply be the URL you got it from posted below the image and the date accessed, for
example:  (Source:  http://www.google.com/finance Access on 02/06/2017)
Design Requirements
Your website must be developed using a web-development tool, such as  Adobe
Dreamweaver.  Adobe  Dreamweaver  is  available  at no  cost  to  MIS  111  students  as
part of the Adobe Creative Cloud license.
IMPORTANT  NOTE:  You  are  NOT  allowed  to  use  products  such  as  Microsoft
Word or Publisher as your web development tool on this assignment. Also,  if you
use Apple iWeb, you  cannot access image tags  and  will need to edit the source code
to receive full credit for the assignment.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Your website for Applied Business Project 3B  MUST  be  hosted
on  the  University  of  Arizona’s  u.arizona.edu  server  if  you  want  to  receive  Extra
Credit. You may not  use another university server, a third party hosting server (e.g.,
GoDaddy) or Apple/Mac hosted webpage server.
Personal Privacy When Designing Your Website
You should not include any personally identifiable information, such as your student
ID, your name, or the class, as part of the title tag, copyright statement, or website
content. For grading purposes, the URL for your u.arizona.edu website can be used
to determine your  identity.
Your  one-page  informational  website  must  include  all  of  the  following  elements
(see the ABP-3B sample webpage included in this handout for an  example of an
acceptable  format):
  In your own words, you will include brief descriptions of your company as
well as three sections on Products,  Management, and  Financials. Be sure to
include  specific  information  about  your  company,  its  principal  products,   its
leadership, and information  about  its financial performance. These sections
should be  written  in your own words. Do  NOT  copy descriptions or other
information directly from your company’s  website.
Applied Business Project 3B Guidelines
  Each major section (i.e., products, management, and  financials) must contain
an  image  related  to  the  section.  As  with  any  material  taken  from  another
source, be sure to include source attribution  (citation) for each image.
Note:  Y our  images  MUST  be  uploaded  to  the  u.arizona.edu  server  public_html
directory  to be displayed on your webpage. You will NOT receive credit for an image
that  is  an  html  link  to  an  image  on  another  webpage.  In  other  words,  the  “src”
attribute used with your tag should only contain a filename, not a directory
path or URL to another website (see  below).
  Each  image  on  your  webpage  (i.e.,  photos,  logos,  etc.)  MUST  also  include  an
“alt” (alternate description) attribute that describes the image in a narrative
form for use by accessibility readers (see below)
  Your  web  page  must  include  a  “Title”  tag  in  the    section  of  your
webpage  in  the  form:  “Corporate  Profile  for 

  Your  webpage  should  also  include  the  following  formal  copyright  notice
at  the bottom of your  webpage,
Applied Business Project 3B Guidelines
“Design copyright 2017  by website designer. All other registered trademarks or
trademarks are property of their respective owners.”
For an example of the location and style of a copyright notice, see the University
of  Arizona’s  homepage  (see  http://www.arizona.edu).  Do  NOT  include  your
name,  Student  ID  or  any  other  personally  identifiable  information  in  the
copyright, since your webpage is a public website.
  Your  website  must  also  include  an  “icon”  for  your  website  that  will  be
displayed to the left of your URL in the address bar in your web browser
(i.e., Internet  Explorer,  Netscape,  or  Foxfire).  See  the  MIS  homepage  for  an
example of using the icon shown on the  left.
Detailed instructions for creating an icon are included  in Appendix B available  at the
end of this handout.
Report Requirements
As  shown  in  the  report  template,  your  TurnItIn.com  report  must  include  the  following
information about your  website:
Section 1: Website hosting and design
  Your website’s URL (e.g., http://www.u.arizona.edu/~wtn ).
  The  web  development  tool  used  to  develop  your  website  (e.g.,  Adobe
DreamWeaver, or some other acceptable tool).
Section 2: Application of Information Systems
Based  on  your  understanding  of  your  company’s  products,  services,  industry,  and
business,  write  a  150  word  discussion  (range:  125  –  175  words)  in  your  own
words  describing  one  or  more  areas  within  your  company that  the  use  of  information
systems provides a strategic advantage. When implemented and used appropriately,
information systems are strategic assets. They enable organizations and their people
to be reliable, unified, agile, and  responsive.
Applied Business Project 3B Guidelines
For this  section, look at  your firm critically, and select one  or two aspects of your
company  where  information  systems  serve  a  central  role  or  enable  a  business
function  that  is  central  to  your  company’s  success.  For  example,  Wal-Mart  is  a
distribution company built around excellence in supply chain management, while a
firm such as the Bank of America excels in customer relationship management and
financial accounting, or a construction company may gain a competitive advantage
through the use of project management excellence.
This  question  is  not  asking  what  your  company  does,  but  rather  how  they
outperform their competitors using information systems.
Section 3: Web-based Marketing Strategy
Along  with  a  good  corporate  website,  a  company  needs  a  good  marketing  plan  to  drive
traffic (customers, generally) to the  website.
For this section, assume you are a marketing executive for your company, and you
have  been  asked  to  select  3  (three)  Google  Adwords  (words or  phrases)  to  use  as  part
of  your  company’s  marketing  campaign  for  one  of  the  products  mentioned  on  the
website you developed for your ABP-3B  project.
Along  with  identifying  the  specific  product  you  are  using  as  your  model  for  the
marketing campaign,  for each adword (word or phrase) you select, provide the
following information about the adword:
a)  What is the adword (word or phrase) you  selected?
b)  Write a 50 word discussion (range: 35-65 words)  in your own words  about
the strategy and value proposition of those terms for a marketing campaign.
In  other  words,  why  do  you  think  these  terms  will  be  effective  in  driving
customer to your website when they are  entered?
c)  As  a  competitive  analysis,  type  your  adword  (word  or  phrase)  into  Google.
Briefly describe the search results. Did the products or services (either from
your  company  or  your  company’s  competitors)  returned  by  your  search relate
to  the  product  you  selected?  Be  sure  to  include  the  URLs  to  the  top  two  (2)
organic (non-sponsored, non-paid) results in your  report.
To  help  you  understand  Google  Adwords  and  approaches  you  might  use  to  find
effective adwords for your product, refer to the following webpages:
  http://www.google.com/adwords/
  http://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2453981?hl=en
Section 4: your “index.html” source code
For  this  section,  simply  cut-and-paste  the  entire  html  source  code  from  the
index.html file you created that you uploaded to the u.arizona.edu server for ABP-3B
into your ABP-3B project report (i.e., the report template)..
Applied Business Project 3B Guidelines
To  obtain  the  HTML source  code,  display  your  webpage  in  a  browser,  use  the  “View
Source”  option,  and  the  cut  and  past  the  HTML  source  code  into  your  report.  You
should include the entire HTML source code for your website, including the all  of
the HTML code, that is, both the and   sections.
You only need to include the HTML source code in your report.  You do  not  need to
include copies of any other graphics files, such as your images and icon.
Applied Business Project 3B Guidelines
Required Deliverables
Business  Report   Submit  your  word  report  (based  on  the  template  provided)  in
the  ABP-3B  folder  on  D2L.  You  are  STRONGLY  encouraged  to  use  the  provided
template, as it includes the required e-tegrity statement, section headers, and other
formatting.  If  you  elect  not  to  use  the  template,  you  are  still  responsible  for  all  of
these required elements of your  report.
You  must  submit  your  report  as  a  PDF  file.  Other  formats,  such  as  MS Word,  Mac
Pages,  or  OpenOffice  (.odf)  are not  acceptable.
Website  Your  personal (i.e., linked to your UANetID)  website on u.arizona.edu will
also  be  evaluated.  Your  personal  website  must  open  directly  when  your  standard
University  URL  is  typed  into  the  address  line  of  your  browser  in  the  form  of
www.u.arizona.edu/~ (e.g.,  www.u.arizona.edu/~wtn).
IMPORTANT  NOTE:  Do  NOT  modify  your  web  site  in  any  way  after  you  have
submitted your project for grading on D2L until your grades is posted.
Citing Sources
As  a  reminder,  you  should  always  cite  the  source  of  any  data  you  get  online  (narrative
information or financial performance information) whether you use it in a traditional
report or an online webpage. The format for this is the URL and the date. Although it
does  not  follow  the  requirements  for  style  sheets  used  on  formal  paper  (i.e.,  MLA,  APA,
etc.), for this project you may use the root URL. Note that citations for online sources
MUST  include  the  access  date,  so  a  citation  for  a  reference  to  your  company’s
financial information located at http://www.google.com/finance would  be:
(Source:  http://www.google.com/finance Access on 02/06/2017)
Extra Credit Submission Deadline: Thursday, April 20
No-Penalty Submission Deadline: Saturday, April 22
Applied Business Project 3B Guidelines
Appendix A – Sample Webpage
Title Directive
URL with Icon
Company Logo
Descriptive Information
Table with 3 sections
–  Products
–  Management
–  Financial
Images with Alt Tags
Image credits
e Text
Hyperlinks to web
Copyright notice
Applied Business Project 3B Guidelines
Appendix B – How to Create a Website Icon
Create your icon
Option 1: Create an Icon from an Existing Image
Use the website http://www.html-kit.com/favicon to convert an image into
an icon file. After creating the image, your icon and other useful files can
be downloaded to your computer in a zip file.
Option 2: Create Your Own Image for an Icon
You can create an icon using MS Paint (for most MS Windows systems,
MS Paint is available under Start, All Programs, Accessories) or by using
another image editing program to create a 32 by 32 bit-mapped image file
(e.g., gif, jpg, etc.). Then, use the website http://www.html-kit.com/favicon
to convert and download the icon file, as discussed above.
Add your icon to your website
1)  Your icon file will be downloaded as a “Zip” (compressed) file.  Open the
“zip” file created by favicon, and select the “.ico” file (in most cases, this
file will be named “favicon.ico”). For additional information on this
process, please check the “ReadMe.txt” included in the zip  file.
2)  Using Expression Web (or another web authoring tool of your choice),  edit
your index.html file and display the source code of your  website.
3)  Inside the “head” section (between the and the tags),
insert the following link tag for adding an icon, as shown below. If you use
the default names, your link tag should appear as  follows:
Sample Web Page

Applied Business Project 3B Guidelines
(Creating icons for websites, continued)
4)  Save your web page to your local  computer.
5)  Upload both your modified index.html webpage (with the added link tag)
and your icon file (favicon.ico) to your public_html  directory
6)  Open your webpage in your browser and refresh your web site. Your  icon
should be displayed to the left of your web site URL in the address  bar.
IMPORTANT  NOTE:  Since  some  web  browsers  cache  the  URLs  to  recently
visited websites in the history (include any associated icons), to see your icon
displayed,  you  may  need  to  clear  your  browser’s  history  or  just  use  another
browser or computer. For example, in IE, you can clear your browser’s history
in the “Internet Option” menu:
Applied Business Project 3B Guidelines
Appendix C – Editing and Resizing Images – Strictly FYI
Image Sizes for Web Sites
When posting images to the web, they typically need to be made smaller so they will
load  faster  and  not  waste  internet  bandwidth.  Many  websites  that  allow  you  to  upload
pictures  (e.g.:  Facebook)  do  this  automatically.  Web  professionals  also  do  it  as  a
matter  of  course.  If  an  image  is  uploaded  that  is  too  large,  it  will  download  very  slowly,
which can be very frustrating to the users and transmits unnecessary data (a typical
phone  camera  can  now  take  a  picture  suitable  for  printing,  which  is  a  higher
resolution than a 4K Television screen, much less most device  screens).
While the img tags in HTML allow the web developer to specify the size of the image
as  presented  to  the  user,  ideally  the  image  has  been  resized  with  software  to  that  size.
If  a web developer  specifies a size larger  than the actual  image  is may  appear  fuzzy  or
pixilated.  If  the  web  developer  specifies  a  size  small,  the  website  is  downloading
unnecessary  data which is particularly problematic for users on cell  phones or with  a
fixed data  allocation.
If  you  ever  want  to  resize  images  from
your phone or camera, you need to use
a  tool  to  do  it  with.  There  are  many
excellent  professional  programs
available  to   professionals,   but
generally  they  are  not  free.  One  free
tool with a  lot of capability is irfanview,
I  recommend  the  64  bit  download
which  is  from  the  publisher  the  32  bit
download  sites  may  have  bundled  in
additional  adware  you  find  undesirable.
It is both an excellent image  viewer and has an excellent capability to resize images
by resampling them (the best way to avoid pixilation and maintain image quality).
While this is NOT required for ABP-3B, it is something you should be aware of if  you
are developing other websites in the future.

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