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Argumentative Style Essay on Gay Marriage

Argumentative Style Essay on Gay Marriage
Gay marriage has been an issue in the society, and currently, its debate is rising every day in many societies worldwide. A few societies and countries have legalized it, while many have not, although some of this might not be against it totally. This issues has had mixed reactions, where religious denominations and other people are against gay marriage, while some feel that gay couples are people, and democracy demands that each person should have equal rights, hence gay couples have a right to marry. It is important to note that the issue addressed here is gay marriage, which does not mean that being gay should not exist, but rather, its marriage should not be permitted. In this issue, there are two sides, where some are for it, while Christians are against it, with an argument that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman, which is ordained by God, and allowing gay couples to marry is evil, and unnatural, while the other side argues for equal civil rights among all people. Further, they claim that marriage just means a commitment between two people, and that there is no gender specification (Wolfson 11). I strongly believe that gay marriage should not be legalized since it is unnatural, and at the same time, it is a threat to the continuity of the human species, since people of the same sex cannot reproduce together, and men and women need to complement each other for continuity of the human species
Those who advocate for gay marriage say that it is not stated who should marry whom, and argue that marriage is a lifetime commitment by two people who love each other and support each other, and that marriage should serve to provide dignity and respect for a couple, and they should be allowed to marry too. For most people, marriage is a sacred ceremony that should be between a man and a woman, who choose to love each other until separated by death. This has been the traditional marriage since time in memorial, and gay marriage has been evolving more rapidly recently, due to people’s evils. Legalizing it might put religion denomination at the risk of marrying gay couples, since legalizing it will mean a right, and cannot be denied, hence gay couple who might want to marry in church could demand it as a right. This will be a violation of religious beliefs, and further more, it will change people’s beliefs, especially children who will be confused about the side to take. Many people have appreciated the fact that it is wrong, and majorities are against it and describe it as a social evil.
Procreation is one major reason of marriage, where a family is set up on this base. However, it is right that the first aim of marriage is companion, and children are the fruits of the companion (Bidstrup, 2000). Gay marriage use this point to justify why they should have a right to marry, which is logic, but again, this will be a risk to mortality, since gay couples have no natural ability to bear children by them selves. Recently, some gay couples have established families, where some adopt children or chooses to have a child with a third party, and the children are brought up by the gay couple. Some lesbian couples may prefer the use of sperm donor services, which would mean that more children would be born with out a father, which will compromise the understanding of the child where he or she might not understand how they came into existence. Moreover, acquiring children in this way is likens a child to a possession necessary in a family, and does not have to from the couple that raises it. This promotes scientific ways of making children such as test-tube babies, which are against Christianity. Children brought up by same sex couples may be confused about which role they should play in future, whether a man or a woman, since masculinity or feminism is not recognized in gay marriages, and their sexuality will be affected greatly. More to the point of gay couple having children, this will change the meaning of marriage, where infidelity will increase since these couple will need others to have children, and this may mean group marriage, where couples might be married to another for the purpose of reproduction. According to Benne and Gerald (2004), “From research carried out in the Netherlands, a country that has legalized same-sex marriage, the arbiter makes a valid argument. Furthermore, results from such studies have inferred that even men involved in same-sex unions ‘stray’ and have multiple sex partners outside their marriages.” Researches have shown that children brought up by a father and a mother who are in a stable marriage understand their sexuality better, and know what they are and the roles to play, and their development is better. More still, gay marriage suggest that marriage is primarily for pleasure, since it ignores reproduction, and only focuses of the pleasure gotten from it, and the family set up of a father mother and children, which is the basic social foundation will be disrupted.
Gay marriage would affect children directly, “If SSM is legalized, schools would be required to teach that same-sex marriage is equivalent to opposite-sex marriage, starting as early as Kindergarten that would violate the beliefs of many parents” (religioustolerance.org, n.d.). This would have a serious impact to not only the children, but also the whole society. Children would grow knowing that gay marriage is just ordinary as opposite marriage, and they would not understand which one would be fit for them. “Gay marriage will also encourage teens who are unsure of their sexuality to embrace a lifestyle that suffers high rates of suicide, depression, HIV, drug abuse, STDs, and other pathogens,” (Benne and Gerald, 2004). The roles of women and me will change completely, since their roles would involve acting both roles, as a man or a woman for men, and the same for women. Eventually, interdependence of men and women might be disrupted, since men may no longer need women or other way round. This may not happen immediately, but according to the trend of rising gay couples, this might come to have an effect. “It is notable that favor towards such unions is increasing. At the beginning of the year, there were almost the same numbers of individuals both for and against gay couples. At the current rate, American adults who support same sex marriages will outnumber those who oppose the same.” (religioustolerance.org, n.d.).
When it comes to civil rights, the gay couples intend to achieve equal rights that allow them to marry so that they can be capacitated to perform legal obligations such as having a right to sign on the behalf of the other. For instance, if a gay person is hospitalized, and somebody is needed to sign necessary documents, they are not allowed by law, and have to seek family assistance (Rimmerman and Clyde 67). This is a good reason, but considering the implication of gay marriage to the society, it is not comparable, and this cannot be reason enough to legalize it. In this, they mean that denying them the legal rights has far consequences on them, which are financial too, such as accessing Medicare, and social security among other benefits, which could include inheritance. This is true, but again, it still does not justify marriage rights, and if this were to be offered, it would mean that the social set up of the society would be affected, since it will promote homosexuality more, against the will of majority. This issue could be addressed through domestic recognized partnerships between such couples, but must not be based on their sexuality, but rather, just relationship. For instance, just as person can authorize a contract on behalf of another person, with his or her consent, the same way, in a case of medical decisions, they could show that such an agreement existed between them, and permission to decide on their behalf would be granted.
The society as a whole, will be negatively affected by all these factors directly and indirectly too, if gay marriage is legalized. The first issue is on the family, where increased cases of children being raised up by single parents, since most of such marriages do not last long, and a new generation that suffers sexuality disorders will arise, further disrupting the traditional family set up, will arise. Considering that family is the basic social unit under which a healthy society exists, disrupting this might have serious consequences on the society, and such marriages would render the society unstable in the long-term. It should be stressed that proposers of gay marriage are fewer than their opposing counterparts, and in a true democracy, these unions would not be allowed. “It is critical that a society be founded on a family unit headed by a single male and his female counterpart. Without such a foundation, the whole society would fail. Occurrences involving separations, divorce, single-parent households and out-of-marriage pregnancies would be reduced drastically” (religioustolerance.org, n.d.).
As debates of gay marriage continue to rise around the world, many people continue to embrace homosexuality, something that seemed so evil societies, now seems normal, and debates have lately changed from acting against it, to suggesting that gay marriage be legalized. This implies that things that were regarded sinful now might be regarded as normal issues, which means that human beings are becoming more and more sinful, and at points disregarding the consequences. If gay marriage were to be legalized in majority of societies, the meaning of marriage would change from the traditional view that most people know, to anther view that suggests a union between any two people who love each other, and it would ignore the purpose of reproduction. Legalizing gay marriage would again mean that family setup in the society would change gradually from the traditional basic one, to other forms such as children brought up by same sex couples, who might not be their parents, and children may never know who their real parent are.
Gay couples could be a result of confusion of ones sexuality, that could arise if children are brought up in a family that has no relationship with both gender, for instance, a girl brought up by her mother alone may never know the role of a man, and could have problems relating to men, which could lead to lesbianism. It is important that religious denominations and other people against gay marriage to encourage traditional families, which would discourage gay marriages. Gay marriage should be stopped and its legalization in the several societies banned, to ensure that societies remain stable, and further stop future likelihood of generations affected by this issue.
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