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Electronic Marketing

Customer Experience Delivery
“Ensuring that customers get what they want is called a service quality. Managing service delivery is the single most effective means of differentiation among companies” (Personal Writer, 2005). In delivering good services and experience to the customers, development of services and design of the service itself must meet the demands of the customer. While formulating the design of their services, Tydii Company needs to conduct situational analysis aimed to find out what the customers expect of them. In their situation analysis, finding out what cleaning jobs are most tiring for their customers and ones that they would like done for them, would aid the company in designing how it would offer the services in a better way. In Tydii Company, their mission is, “to provide a professional home cleaning service in a friendly, honest & reliable manner which not just satisfies but delights our customers,” (Tydii home cleaning, 2011). With this mission statement, customers will be expecting to have a good relation and experience from their services, and probably consider having their services again, and they should ensure that the services meet this mission statement
To achieve this relation from their website, they need to consider revising its design, content and its service quality. The design of their website should include the information the customer needs, it should be clear, and one should sport the information they need as easy as possible. Tydii should use more pictures that have natural background to look friendlier and those that show their work such as nicely washed windows, kitchens, and good interior, rather than just words when one clicks to a menu item.
It terms of the content, the company should provide clear information that are customer oriented, or tend to address the customer more as opposed to talking about them, such as how their houses should look in order that they enjoy its comfort more. The content should be able to support its claim about what they do, and this can be done through using other customers to testify and third parties such as connecting through other sites that could recommend it. The website should engage the customer to a dialogue such as questions that they could answer, and allow them to ask question that could be answered by the customer representative.
Service development
Development of services needs to be rapid, and customer-oriented. Currently, customers are inclining more to companies that develop their services, in order to have new experiences that satisfy their needs. The service in their website should be improved, such as using a search-optimization tool to enable customers to search more information about their interests would be an added advantage for Tydii. Offering third party in the service would encourage more people to use their site, such as including latest technology for cleaning such as newly advanced appliances. Such extra information would be an added advantage to have good relationship with the customers. Development of services needs to be rapid, and customer-oriented. Currently, customers are inclining more to companies that develop their services, in order to have new experiences that satisfy their needs. When developing services or goods, companies should consider what the customers want, how to deliver it, and the specific design that would appeal to them, as well as the changing trend of the consumers of the service. When this is clear to the company, they will be able to develop new designs of their services that are current to customer needs. In Tydii Company, it would be worth finding out the current house trends and needs of houses, furniture and fittings, and how best to handle them since different fittings will require different types of cleaning.
“Customers always have an experience when they interact with a firm. The question for managers is whether the firm is prepared to systematically manage the customers’ experience or simply hope for the best,” (Haeckel, Carbone & Berry, 2003). Three fundamental principles that are used to create a distinctive customer value are identified. The first is Fuse experiential breadth and depth, which they say could begin before a customer interacts with the organization. In Tydii Company, before a customer gets into the company website, they already have an experience that they expect, mostly due to its mission statement. The breath refers to the stages a customer goes through in the experience; hence, the website must provide easy steps to access the information. The second principle is using mechanics and humanics to improve function, where customer experience is gained through humanic and mechanic clues, such as pictures of a highly clean house that show the quality of their services. The third principle is connecting emotionally, where organizations can use a series of clues that could provoke positive emotions such as affection such as children playing and enjoying a nice house or beautiful interior (Haeckel, et al., 2003). If these three principles were used in the delivering of services by the company, it would be customer oriented; hence, an experience would be delivered to its customers.
E-CRM strategy
How can the internet be used to support the different stages of customer life cycle?
A good eCRM should have a website with well-organized internal processes, so that the customer will feel at ease using the website. Electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) is designed to increase customer satisfaction services in the online marketing. eCRM is an effective tool used for addressing customers, increasing mobility amongst products and supplies, since customer relationship marketing can enhance customer retention, more purchases and reduced the chances for customer switching to other products is achieved (Sigala, 2008).
When developing the eCRM strategy, the company should consider several factors that would ensure the satisfaction of the customer thus enabling the customer life cycle. The target audience is one of the considerations, where Tydii Company would be targeting home and office owners who need their services (Tydii home services, 2011). A good eCRM should consider how easily the audience could have access to the internet, Home users will prefer to have very easy navigation, which can help in locating information easily, such as having all needed information in the home page menu. Other design considerations could include sound and video clips, which could aid the customers more.
What is your CRM strategy to develop your MGC and MVC in the TYDII company?
When these considerations are addressed, Tydii Company can ensure a good relationship with the customer. In managing the strategy, the organizers should put into consideration to build a good design that will be attractive to the customer, easy to use and navigate through (Vyas & Patel, 2004). Accompany needs to consider several factors in managing eCRM such as, integration of company internal and external processes, so that customers can access the information they need in an easy and quick way (Vyas & Patel, 2004). The internal processes should be well organized so that customer can be at ease when using the website. The organization of the data, where, “The flow of data from the web site into company’s data source is of crucial importance, not only for organizational purposes, but also for ensuring that the other various functions areas that manipulate data,” (Vyas & Patel, 2004). Availability of the data to the company is crucial to ensure that they have the needed information, and should be in a way that allows all departments to access it. The external processes, which are targeted to the customers, are of most importance since they are the selling point. A company must ensure accurate information of these processes. The company should find out what information is of at most importance to the customer, and put it at the most accessible point in the website.
Approached to implementing e-CRM (4 steps)
In the implementation of the strategy, the company will need to:
a)      Ensure that the above considerations are well addressed.
b)      Furthermore, it should consider creating customer-oriented culture in the organization, so that customers can be treated well.
c)      Developing way of assessing how successful the strategy is through feed back, and from customers, who could be asked to answer questions about how they feel about the services, as well as they ask their questions that would help them understand the organization better.
d)     Tydii can use managers to assess the satisfaction of customers through inquiring whether the service was good.
The IDIC approach to relationship building
Another consideration to be made is the IDIC approach to relationship building. Interactivity may not be achieved through the eCRM as it would be achieved in a retail market where customers interact with the retailers. However, individualization in eCRM makes a customer feel welcome to the company, just as one would welcome a customer to the shop. It is important to note that eCRM cannot replace retail interaction with personalizing the website, since human interaction will always be stronger as opposed to eCRM individualization.
Marketing mix strategy integration: On-line & off-line
Tydii needs to set goals that are customer oriented in their campaign since currently, many businesses are making use of online marketing, and most are changing to this type of marketing and some are ignoring or putting little effort in the offline marketing. “Online businesses can benefit from traditional “offline” marketing such as direct mail, Yellow Pages ads, display ads, etc. just as brick-and-mortar businesses can use the Internet to promote themselves and get more business,” (Rijk, 2005). If both are integrated, they could be of much benefit to the organization, and could help in maximizing marketing hence more returns. It is important to note that  about 65% of customer who use online services research on the product online, but when it comes to purchasing, they will prefer to visit the store (Rijk, 2005).. This serves to show that integrating online and offline marketing complements each other. Tydii should adopt this goal since it is a good marketing mix.
Integration into overall media schedule
Integrating the digital marketing mix such as the website where items are shown, and prices indicated is easier than going to ask for prices and looking around for the products offered. In campaign planning, it would be very easy to inform people about it online, where people who are interested would learn bout it online, which is better than traditional methods. Integration of overall media schedule would serve to reach all consumers, whether online or offline. By using integration of overall media marketing, a company would be opening many channels for its business, and this would cover all targeted audience better than relying on a single channel.
Segmentation and targeting
Tydii should segment their market in terms of office, where they address the services needed for an office by themselves taking into consideration the time that is appropriate for the office, and the services they need. The message should be developed according to the target customer, where for offices they need a more official message as opposed to domestic customers who will want a message that is casual and friendly as well as simple.
Budget and selecting the digital media
In marketing, budgeting is crucial during evaluation of performance, and timeframe would help a company know how fast its strategy is working, while monitoring and evaluating the channels will help in keeping up with the current tends of markets or consumers, and for future planning. In and business, a budget helps to control the expenditure of a company and outlines a plan for the future, where it seeks to know the amount of finance it require to fund its operations effectively and achieve quality, at a stated time, and this timeframe will help in assessing of the company success. In monitoring, the budget will need to be followed, and the timeframe as well, so that a manger can be in control, since if these two factors are not followed, control of work may not be possible. After a given timeframe of a specific task, such as three hours of cleaning for two men, in Tydii Company, a manager can evaluate their work through finding out what time they finish, how much input is used and how the results are. In evaluating channels, managers can record the data of each channel such as how many consumers use it, when, or which particular places it is mostly used. This would help compare which one is least performing and which is performing well.
Offer and message development
The message needed for its campaign should be understood by everybody, and this means making it simple and clear. Many people will be drawn away by complex messages that tend to exclude some, and only include a few. The message should put into consideration both the office and the domestic audience to incorporate interests of both in the message.
Campaign insight
Several simple ways of having, a good campaign insight in this strategy is using clicks in the website, and one could view later how many the company receives, and could be used to compare to other industry leaders, such as James home services, who are their competitors. Campaign insights can help increase awareness of a brand to the customer.
James homes services brief SOSTAC analysis
            James Homes Services include house cleaning, windows, carpets, lawn mowing, pet grooming and car details. It is a competitor of Tydii Company in Australia. A SOSTAC analysis of the company is as follows,
Situational analysis
Currently, James Homes services has an electronic marketing channel, which is designed to offer easy access of its profile online, where customers can purchase their services online, offers extra information bout its business, and also incorporates eCRM where it has competitions on their website designed for customers to win prizes. It also provides third party information to customers
            Their mission is to provide the highest quality to customers and make them happy and is willing to rectify what they do wrong. The company aims to market its services well, and uses feedback method to know how best to improve them.
            The company has selected its target well, where they have targeted the domestic homes, and has targeted particular audience such as pet lover, and offices are targeted. They have segmented their services for each particular customer is addressed. The company has positioned itself high in the customers mind with its website design as well as services description, and has positioned themselves as transparent and determined to make customers happy.
The company has a good strategy meant to achieve its goals, where it uses franchising to train its customers on one area of specialization such as garden trimming, and later the customer would offer their services to others, and earn from it. The company’s marketing strategy is integration of online and offline marketing, where people can get their numbers from website and call the offices.
The company has specialized employees who have specific duties such as lawn mowers, car washers, and pet groomers and pest controllers. This serves to execute the action easily. This helps to ensure smooth running of operation.
            The company keeps control of its services provided to customer through feedback from customers who comment on the quality of services provided to them. This helps assess whether the company is achieving its goal of quality to the customers (James home services, 2010).
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