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Course Project – MGMT404 Project Management
The objective of the Course Project is to provide an opportunity to hone project planning skills and knowledge learned in this class. I personally recommend individually developing a project for the benefit of learning as much as possible instead of group effort which sometimes entails “missing” contribution. However, students wishing to conduct the project as a team effort may do so by organizing their own team.
As you proceed through each week’s assignment, keep upgrading and improving your project design because you do not need to be constricted by your original intention and design. As things go along, incorporate improvements and sophistication so that the final report represents the best design you are capable of producing. This is a learning process week by week.
For this project you may choose a subject of your own interest or you may choose to begin planning your senior project experience. When selecting a project, avoid one that is either too big or too small. For example, do not build a new stadium for your local sports team (too big) or plant your summer garden (too small). A project to build a house is not acceptable.
Here are some successful project ideas.
• Creation of a coffee shop or restaurant
• Open house for a local community social service agency
• Creation of a meditation pool and relaxation deck
• Redevelopment of a local playground
• Design and installation of a computer network for a small business
• Software development project
• Due Week 2: Project Charter
• Due Week 3: Project Scope
• Due Week 4: Work Breakdown Structure
• Due Week 5: Risk Management Plan
• Due Week 6: Resource Management Plan
• Due Week 7: Project Communication Plan
• Due Week 8: Final Report
Due Week 2: Project Charter
Select a project that you will plan its development during this course, and generate a Project Charter describing in general what is known of the project at this point in time. The Charter provides general information, not definitive detail, sufficient for a basic understanding of the proposed project that will undergo detail planning later. This is a
“concept” idea not cast in stone.
Follow the template located in Doc Sharing, being certain to address Mission, Project Objective, Business Need, Project Manager and Stakeholders, Milestones, and Budget. Refer to the textbook as needed to learn more about these topics. Other topics in the template are not necessary to address.
Prepare the document with proper business writing style. Replace yellow-highlighted instructions with relevant information. I am neither the client nor project manager.
• Project Charter
• If conducting the project in conjunction with other students in a team effort, please provide:
• Name, email address, and telephone number of team member
• Statement of participation describing what each team member contributed to this deliverable.
Due Week 3: Project Scope Statement
Prepare a Project Scope Statement using the template in Doc Sharing. Using your approved Charter, or the recommended improvement suggestions as a starting point, refer to Chapter 5 and Week 2 Lecture to describe each section. Feel free to recast the project if you feel it is necessary. Remember to be tangible, measurable, and specific. Remove the yellow-highlighted instructions as you enter information. It is with this approved Scope that you will develop a Work Breakdown Structure next week.
• Project Scope Statement
• If working in a group, include a statement of participation, describing what each person contributed to this deliverable.
Due Week 4: Work Breakdown Structure
According to the PMBOK® Guide, “the WBS is a deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team to accomplish the project objective and create the required deliverables.” In other words, a WBS identifies Project Objective, Summary Tasks, and Work Tasks.
Create a WBS much as you did in lab assignments 1A and 1B. The structure is as follows:
• Level 1 Task identifies Project Objective in five words or less.
o Level 2 Summary Tasks identify major deliverables necessary to create the project.
• Level 3 Work Tasks for each Summary Task identifies major work activities necessary to produce the Summary Task.
Develop the Work Breakdown Structure
• WBS should have about 25 to 30 entries in total, and be three levels deep. Quality, not Quantity!
• Create verb-object activity names, such as “Develop Software”, “Pour Foundation”, “Schedule Speaker”.
• Assign Predecessor(s) to Work Tasks, not Summary Tasks, in order to create a logical work flow.
• Create Resources with Max Units and Cost, but do not assign Resources to the WBS.
o In MS Project, print and submit the following reports:
• Entry Table
• Schedule Table
• Resource Sheet
o Submit the completed Project file .mpp
o If working in a group, include a statement of participation describing what each person contributed to this deliverable.
Due Week 5: Risk Management Plan
Risks to successful completion of projects of any size are inherent, yet somewhat avoidable with good planning and good luck. Create a risk management plan for your project by which potential risks are identified and a plan is produced to preclude their occurrence, or minimally, to deal with after affects.
Based upon your knowledge of your project plan and your knowledge of Chapter 7 and Week 3 Lecture, prepare a risk management plan for your project. The plan will be in the format of a formal business report addressed to owner/client, major stakeholders, and lead project personnel.
1. Introduce your project and the purpose of this report. Identify project manager, project objective, two or three major deliverables, and start/finish date.
2. Identify and briefly explain ten potential risks to successful project completion. Highlight four and identify them as the major risks addressed in the plan.
3. Download the Risk Management Analysis Template Excel workbook located in Doc Sharing. Each sheet is considered a component of your plan. Concentrating only on the four major risks, prepare each chart with information appropriate to your project. Chart content is self-explained within the chart, except for Risk Impact Matrix which is explained in Chapter 7, Section 7.1.
4. In the report, explain each plan component in one or two short paragraphs as to how it will contribute to a successful project. Below this explanation, copy/paste the associated chart properly labeled and positioned within the page. Avoid interfering page breaks.
5. Write a Conclusion for the report.
Risk Management Plan report in MS Word document format. Attachments are not allowed.
If working in a team, include a statement of participation describing what each person contributed to this project deliverable.
Due Week 6: Resource Management Plan
A project plan needs Resources in order to be a complete plan, thus ensuring Resources are available as planned. As you proceed through the following steps, keep a Journal (in MS Word) of observations and answers to the questions. Note, do not explain how each step was conducted.
Here are the steps for this assignment.
1. Assign Resources to WBS Work Tasks. Resources must have an assigned Cost and Max Units.
2. Identify Resources that are over-allocated.
3. Level the project within Available Slack. Refer to Lab 5 for Leveling advice.
4. Identify Resources that remain over-allocated, if any.
5. If Resources are still over allocated, clear leveling and re-level without the slack constraint.
6. Explain how leveling affected Project Cost, Duration, Work Days, and new Completion Date.
7. If Resources still remain over-allocated, assume no other resources are available. Instead, add a new Resource for a cost 1.5 times the normal labor cost. What is the effect on the total project? If the new cost and duration are not acceptable, what will be your plan at this time?
8. For your conclusion, explain what you learned about resource leveling as a result of this assignment.
1. The Journal is your major deliverable, so make sure it is complete and descriptive.
2. Electronic copy of the finalized Budget, Resource Sheet, and Entry Table (without Gantt Chart) reports.
3. If the project scope needs modification as a result of this assignment, describe the changes and why they are necessary, and include the updated scope in the deliverables.
4. If working in a team, include a statement of participation describing what each person contributed to this project deliverable.
Due Week 7: Communication Plan
According to the PMBOK® Guide, “the Communications Planning process determines the information and communications needs of the stakeholders; for example, who needs what information, when will they need it, how it will be given to them, and by whom.”
Refer to the Communications Plan template in Doc Sharing for creating your plan. Create a realistic, yet simple, plan to cover communication needs that will arise during project development, not during project planning.
• The plan can be based on the Communications Plan example in Doc Sharing, using the template provided. Be sure to create your own plan and include:
o Contact information for key stakeholders and project members.
o Information needs specific to your project that is not covered in the example.
• If working in a team, include a statement of participation describing how each person contributed to this project deliverable.
Due Week 8: Project Report
You are going to create a formal paper that must be mistake-free in terms of spelling, grammar, content, and format. This is not a “Copy/Paste job” so extract information from previously submitted weekly assignments, and edit for clarity and relevance in order to bring out the essence of each topic, not just a dry recitation. Be creative!
Project report consists of the following items:
• Cover sheet
• Introduction
• Project Scope
• Work Breakdown Structure
• Risk Management Plan
• Resource Management Plan
• Communication Management Plan
• Lessons Learned completed individually.
• For you yourself
• What did you learn about yourself in completing this project?
• What could have made this project a better learning experience?
• If working within a team
• What did you learn from working in a project group? How did the interpersonal dynamics affect participation?
• If there were conflicts, how were they resolved?
• Identify the contribution of each team member.
• Project Plan Report fully assembled and integrated into one MS Word document. Attachments are not permitted.
Report Format Requirements:
1. Single-line spacing, double between paragraphs. Start each paragraph with indented first word.
2. Normal margin, align-left, 11- or 12-point font, and Times New Roman or Calibri
3. Assign header and page numbering to all pages except Cover sheet and Table of Contents.
4. Copy/Paste chart images into report body. Align within margins and avoid page-breaks.
5. APA-Style Citations and Reference List for any cited source.

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