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Rabbit Proof fence

Rabbit Proof fence
Based on factual proceedings, Rabbit-Proof Fence is a touching film that concerns racial discrimination. In addition, it shows the endurance and marvelous patience that three girls had through walking for fifteen thousand miles to locate their mothers in Australia. These are the scandalous facts following the film whereby, white Australians established the exceptional detention facilities across Australia in order to keep the varied race family from “spoiling” the rest of society. Consequently, commands were given out to remove half-caste children completely from their people. This was a devastating, racist course of action that resulted in the misery of the so-called “stolen age group”. In this case, the stolen generation referred to the act of denying young people their rights and subjecting them to slavery. These young girls were also denied the chance to relate with their parents. In Rabbit-Proof Fence, director Phillip brings a moving perceptive that inspires a performance of those triumphs over the racial prejudice in the society.
During this era, the certified government guiding principle demanded that all the half-caste children – children of half Aborigine and half-white people – ought to be taken from their people and their territory, and be prepared to be servants. This was because the Aboriginal generation would eventually be eliminated out and they could be incorporated into the system of the whites. The government was separating these children because they wanted to control the growth and development of this half-caste generation. This was done through discouraging the girls from giving birth through subjecting them to slavery.
Rabbit-Proof Fence is a straightforward, motivating tale of accomplishment and endurance as we review Daisy, Molly and Gracie. This is with reference to the hard and disastrous trek they made. This journey was characterized by lack of food, shelter and water; hence, through it all they endured because they had hope and determination. Alongside their way, they met variety of folks who comprehended their plight and helped them with food, shelter and clothing. As their escape was recognized, the authorities send a tracker to catch them, and in the midst of it all, the children ended up playing hide and seek. “This game later resulted to the soldiers not succeeding in catching them” (Kettle 2005).
In the village of Jigalong, three half-caste sisters, Daisy who is eight years old, Molly who is 14 years old, and their cousin, 10-year old Gracie are separated  from their mothers and taken to live in the orphanage, more than 1600 miles away from their place of residence. This action clearly showed the superiority of one race towards the other. Thus, the superior race used to oppress the inferior race with claims that the other one was uncivilized and thus they needed to be taught about the traditions of the civilized race. Therefore, these sisters were expected to learn the responsibilities that a Christian lady was ought to posses. This was because, “Christianity was the religion that was believed to teach the good norms regarding to submission and service to others” (Carrodus, Tudball, & Walsh 2001). However, Christianity was manipulated to show the unworthiness of other people who were not Christians thus religion was as a social class in the society that gave people power and dignity hence defining the social structure in the society. The society did not have the power to defend their children as they were being taken, a clear depiction of how one race dominates thus taking advantage of other inferior race.
The government of Australia in 1902 constructed a blockade fence from a spot on the coast all the way through to a point on the north to keep rabbits and other pests on one side, and to secure the farmland. This barrier was called Rabbit Proof Fence for its “main purpose was to protect the firm from the destruction by rabbits and other pests” (Pilkington 2002). At the time, it was well thought-out that human feet in the historic have been longest thus; humans were used as slaves to mark the longest boundaries in the world. In an interweave of irony, it is this barrier, an illustration of man’s improvement, that is the essential theme of the film for it highlighted the embarrassment of man’s superiority.
The movie is characterized by real events and it concerns the predicament of the three indigenous sisters who were vehemently removed from their home and sent to a sleep outdoors, where values of the Western become a compulsory part of their lives. These children were missing their mother and they were anxious to go back home. The first-born brought about a get away plan. Their journey was long because it encompassed them to walk for a distance of 1600miles using a rabbit proof fence to direct them across the landscape that had been erected to put off rabbit invasion. Elsewhere, the persistent chief guardian of Neville and Aborigines was producing a vile system to liberate Australia of its citizens, by reproducing out the less privileged race over the multiple age brackets.
With much influence, the film has managed not to fortunately become resolute in desolation and hence it was fuelled by an inquisitive confidence that allowed the girls to evade the system. This gives us the evidence that the story is based on the true happenings that enhanced the property of actuality in the story. The accuracy of Rabbit Proof Fence illustrates the criticism it faced in the past when it became public debate as the columnist attacked the film credibility. The story of the “half-caste” in the Rabbit-Proof Fence brings out information about children who were brought up in camps in order to make them adjust to white traditions through making them farm laborers and household servants. This undisclosed intention brings a hot debate and condemnation as it involves compulsion factor. Thus, these malicious intensions led to the forceful separation of children from their parents.
Therefore, due to this insincere practice, there developed a sensitive debate about the “stolen generations”. The film director was much captured in the politics even though the burning agenda that concerns the suffering of the three children who are subjected to walk for a long distance escaping the brutality in the camps. Hence, their attempt to regain redemption is said to be the greatest achievement.
Racial inequality is a factor that has contributed to social imbalance. This is assumed to be caused by the consideration of one race that is perceived to be superior and the other one to be less in terms of power and influence. For instance, the superior race in the past according to the movie used to separate children from their family in order to teach them their ways such that they would be able to work for them as slaves. This action was associated with arrogance because the powerful race had bad intention on the lives of the less privileged individuals. Therefore, slavery came about because there was a tribe that wanted reign over the other due to the concept power that comes about due to accumulation of wealth. This kind of wealth was acquired through corrupt ways such as taking the property of the poor. In addition, the ruling government or the top leadership came from the privileged race hence the voice and the rights of the poor were not considered. Oppression of the poor and low perception of people about others was the key influence that brought about racial segregation in the society. Therefore, the movie is characterized by racial segregation that came from the rich race.
The journey of the three children’s is manifested by outmaneuvering of Moodoo and being helped by foreigners. According to the way they were helped on the way, we realize that not all the white people were bad or a racist thus this gave the children the ability to press on in their journey with endurance. Still, Neville who was regarded as Devil by the black tribe was not so much evil as compared to the colonialist. This was supported by the fact that her actions were not evil as those of the whites. In contradiction, when the girls were just about to be apprehended they were helped by one of their kind who pleads with them to stay in hazard to shield herself from being sexually assaulted. In addition, another obliging bit of reports from a white colonist makes Gracie to be summoned up. Whilst Daisy and Molly finally lay in their motherly arms.
The film production has resulted to the use of amateur performers to portray our three female protagonists. This effect is shown on their faces with an authentic genuineness that may not have been manageable with qualified actors. “They performed from their spirit and with truthfulness thus bringing the story of oppression of the poor by the whites who were civilized” (Jose, Heiss & Minter 2008). It is as if these kids had the first hand knowledge of the violence of this discharge. Numerous scenes, when the kids are apprehended and put into the vehicle, the theme of oppression comes into play because they are forceful taken way from their mothers.
Nevertheless, the greatest segment of the film is spent bringing out the pain, anguish and solemnity of these kids as they trail transversely snatching banquet from Samaritans. In their long journey, they harkened with patience in order to arrive in their homeland where they would be received by their guardians. An ironic charm overflows the screen with gleaming sunrays as Gabriel’s sorrowful music-effect adds more emotions on the incident. “The endurance of the kids through out the rough journey results to victory to all the detached families and incoherent lives” (Ehrhardt2007).
Eventually, Rabbit Proof Fence is a political film, almost certainly more with much influence that exceeds the main motive of a personal film. Unluckily, this reveals that each illustration in the movie is one way or another doubtful, and the precision of its portrayal is not for all time very credible. However, devoid of entering more on that area of the dispute, “Rabbit Proof Fence still remains to be a well prepared and pleasurable film” (Hauber 2009). The inability of the society to have the power to defend their children while they were being snatched showed a clear depiction of how one race subjugated thus taking benefit of   the lesser race. However, the repression of the unfortunate and low discernment of people about others was the major factor that brought about racial separation in humanity. Therefore, the film is characterized by racial prejudice that comes where there is existence of a privileged race and the unfortunate one.

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