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The Dream of the Rood, Judith, The Seafarer

The Dream of the Rood, Judith, The Seafarer
-Dante Alighieri (B387-91)
The Divine Comedy, Inferno, Cantos I-V (B392-409)
Inferno Cantos XXIII (23) (B467-71)
XXVI (26) (B478-82)
XXVIII (28) (B486-89)
Inferno Canto XXXIV (34) (B508-11)
Paradiso Canto XXXIII (33) (B531-34)
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (B 725-80)
-Geoffrey Chaucer (B657-62)
“General Prologue” (B662-68 and 672-73)
“The Wife of Bath’s Prologue” (B682-700)
“The Wife of Bath’s Tale” (B701-10)
-Sei Shonagon (B1127-31)
Selections from The Pillow Book (B1142-44, 1151-53)
-William Shakespeare
Acts I-III
Acts IV-V
Question 1
What is unusual about Bertran de Born’s appearance?
he is holding his head in his hand.
he has no legs.
he has no mouth.
he has only one eye.
2 points
Question 2
In which text does this passage appear?
“With all the wonder in the world they gathered there as one:
the most chivalrous and courteous knights known in Christendom;
the most wonderful women to have walked in this world”
Prologue to Canterbury Tales
Wife of Bath’s Tale.
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Wife of Bath’s Prologue.
2 points
Question 3
A primary characteristic of the European Renaissance was a revival of
ancient Egyptian science.
classical learning.
tyranny in government
the Crusades.
2 points
Question 4
Which of these is not an opinion that Sei Shonagon expresses in The Pillow Book?
a preacher ought to be good looking.
oxen should have very small foreheads.
snow on the houses of common people is unsuitable.
an empress should be petite.
2 points
Question 5
Satire is best defined as
assigning life-like characteristics to inanimate objects.
a comparison using “like” or “as.”
the antagonist in a romance.
often being concerned with ethical reform.
2 points
Question 6
According to the lecture, which of these texts reflects a culture preoccupied with aesthetics?
The Canterbury Tales.
The Pillow Book.
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
2 points
Question 7
Who is speaking in the passage below?
“Demand me nothing. What you know, you know.
From this time forth I never will speak word.”
Sir Gawain
The Green Knight
2 points
Question 8
Which of these sinners is guilty of malice?
Paolo and Francesca.
Both of the above.
Neither of the above.
2 points
Question 9
Which of the following statements is true?
Canterbury Tales was written in Middle English, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was written in Old English.
Canterbury Tales was written in Old English, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was written in Middle English.
Canterbury Tales was written in Early Modern English, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was written in Middle English.
Canterbury Tales was written in Middle English, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was written in Middle English.
2 points
Question 10
Which of the following is not a characteristic of the romance?
The romance’s values are those of a heroic age.
The romance stresses tales involving knightly adventures.
The romance tends to be light-hearted.
The romance tends to be loose in structure.
2 points
Question 11
Who is Bertilak?
one of the Wife of Bath’s husbands.
one of Arthur’s knights.
the Green Knight.
Sir Gawain.
2 points
Question 12
How did Othello woo Desdemona?
by writing her poetry.
by writing her love letters.
by singing to her.
by telling her stories of his past.
2 points
Question 13
Where is Virgil spending eternity in The Divine Comedy?
Ninth circle of hell
2 points
Question 14
Which of the following characters does NOT come into contact with the handkerchief during the course of Othello?
all of the above characters come into contact with the handkerchief during the course of the play
2 points
Question 15
The passage below appears in which text?
“And every night and day, some time he found…
To read then in this book of wicked wives.
He knew of them more legends and more lives
Then there are of good wives in the Bible.
For trust it well, it is impossible
For any clerk to speak some good of wives,
Unless he speaks about holy saints’ lives”
Prologue to Canterbury Tales
Wife of Bath’s Tale
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Wife of Bath’s Prologue
2 points
Question 16
In _________, the lover looks on the beloved as one who is higher and can be approached only with a supposed awe and wonder.
the satire.
courtly love literature.
the classic tragedy.
the mock epic.
2 points
Question 17
The online lecture states that Othello’s disintegration is evident through all of the following ways EXCEPT
he strikes Desdemona.
he plans to seduce Emilia.
he eavesdrops on Cassio and Iago.
All of the above are indications of Othello’s disintegration.
2 points
Question 18
Who claims that reading a tale of adultery led her to commit adultery?
Wife of Bath.
Lady Bertilak.
2 points
Question 19
Who says the following passage despite the fact that he is very articulate?
“Rude am I in my speech, / And little blessed with the soft phrase of peace.”
Sir Gawain.
Dante the pilgrim.
2 points
Question 20
Othello suffers from what illness?
the plague.
a heart condition.
2 points
Question 21
Which of the following statements is NOT true of Virgil in The Divine Comedy?
At one point, while guiding Dante through the Inferno, he becomes lost.
He lives in Purgatory.
He acknowledges he did not worship God in fitting ways.
All of these statements are true of Virgil in the Divine Comedy.
2 points
Question 22
Who is still alive at the end of Othello?
Roderigo, Iago.
Iago, Cassio.
Cassio, Roderigo.
Emilia, Iago.
2 points
Question 23
Before Gawain accepts the girdle from the lady of the castle, he refuses another gift from her. What is that gift?
a helmet
a love knot
a ring
a sword
2 points
Question 24
Why is The Divine Comedy called a “comedy”?
It has humorous episodes.
It has a comic antagonist.
It ends happily.
It made people laugh in the Middle Ages.
2 points
Question 25
Which of these statements is not true regarding Elizabethan Theatre?
The Globe was the only permanent playhouse.
The church condemned plays as immoral.
The theatre was a place in which disease easily spread.
Queen Elizabeth and King James enjoyed plays.
2 points
Question 26
Please read the following instructions before writing your response.
o Write a response to the question listed below. Strong responses to the essay question are usually between 200-300 words, and you need to allow time to write a response in which you provide textual support, including quotes, to support your claims. You should also allow time to proofread your response as well.
o You should include limited quotations from the literary works when appropriate to support your points, and you should include parenthetical references whenever using quoted material.
o Do not use any outside sources for this essay exam. All of the content should be your own ideas supported by specific evidence from our readings. Any student using any information from a source other than the textbook and class notes will receive an automatic 0 on the exam. As your syllabus explains, plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form whatsoever.
Essay Question:
Do you believe Dante, the principal character in the Divine Comedy, shows heroic characteristics in the poem? Why or why not? Make clear in your response how you are defining heroism. Write a multi-paragraph essay in which you use textual support, including limited quotations, from the textbook to support your assertions.

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