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5 Min PLAY; Scene 1 Scenario: Three male friends, Mohad, Ali and John, sitting outside the coffee shop near campus, when Ali takes a pipe from his pocket and puts some green herbs on it. He’s about to smoke something…

5 Min PLAY;
Scene 1
Scenario:  Three male friends, Mohad, Ali and John, sitting outside the coffee shop near campus, when Ali takes a pipe from his pocket and puts some green herbs on it. He’s about to smoke something…
John:  “What are you doing? That’s illegal!”
Ali:  “What are you talking about?”
John:  “Your pipe…! Ali, I have seen you smoking that before and I wanted to talk to you about it. I am very concerned about you.”
Mohad:  “Look, you don’t understand. We are from the United Arab Emirates. It’s called midwah!”
John:  “Are you trying to tell me that just because you’re not from the U.S. you can do whatever you want? Listen, we have laws here, and everyone needs to follow them. Besides, you are damaging your brain cells! You will fail in school.”
Mohad:  “Hahaha! What do you think Ali is smoking, John?”
John:  “Well, it’s green, it’s in a pipe, let’s see… Obviously it’s marijuana! I’m gonna go call the cops. This is unacceptable.”
Ali: “John, how can you think that? It’s not drugs! It’s midwah!”
John:  “What the hell is midwah? I have never heard of it, and I really don’t care if you have a different name for it in Arabic. I know what that is!”
Ali: “It’s tobacco, my friend!”
John:  “I have seen tobacco and it does not look like that. What you are smoking is green. Tobacco is brown. I’m not stupid.”
Mohad:  “I swear. It’s tobacco. I brought it back from UAE on my last trip. I know what it looks like, but you can try it and see for yourself…”
John:  “I would never try that! Do you want to ruin my life? I thought we were friends!”
Mohad:  “We are friends! I would never ask you to do drugs. I would not lie to you, John. It’s tobacco. Many people in UAE smoke midwah. It’s green because it’s harvested fresh. It’s really strong and it can be addictive, so you are right, it is best if you don’t try it.”
Ali:  “It’s true, John.”
John:  “So… you are admitting that you brought some drugs from your country into my country? Now I’m really going to have to call the police!”
Ali:  “We are trying to tell you, it’s not illegal. It’s tobacco!”
John: “Tell that to the authorities, buddy!”
Ail: (blows smoke in John’s face) “You see?”
John: “Oh my God! What did you do to me? Are you trying to kill me now?”
Mohad: “Ali, you shouldn’t have done that! That was rude!”
Ali: “I just wanted to show him…”
Mohad: “That’s not an excuse. John is right to be upset.”
John: “Upset? Now I’m not just calling the police but I will sue you! My head is spinning, I think I’m fainting!”
(John runs away)
Scene 2: The next day
Scenario: Ali and Mohad are sitting outside the café.
Mohad: “Ali! What are we going to do? I hope John is OK. He didn’t answer my calls.”
Ali: “Don’t worry, he will be fine. I think he needed a lesson to trust us. I miss him though.”
John: “Hi guys…”
Mohad: “Are you OK John? We’re really sorry.
John: “I’m fine. I wanted to apologize too. I was out of line too. I actually went to the hospital and got tested for drugs. They told me I was OK. I did some research and I found out about midwah. You guys were not lying. I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.”
Ali: “It’s OK, John. We know that it can look suspicious, but now you know.”
John: “Yes, I still don’t want to try it because I don’t smoke tobacco, but I learned that I have to be more open minded about other cultures.”
Ali: “And I have to learn not to get out of line and be disrespectful just to prove a point.”
Mohad: “I’m really sorry you even went to the hospital because of it. Can we all go get some dinner and forget about it?
Ali: “Sounds good to me.”
John: “I missed you guys.”

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