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Create a DM campaign

Final Case Take-Home Exam (40%)
Each student must complete a final campaign project as a take-home exam based on a case uploaded into Moodle. The final exam case submission must include the following components:
Review the direct marketing campaign(s) used by the organization in the case and critique it (review its strengths and weaknesses)
Create a DM campaign (see requirements on the individual case)
Design all creative elements (ads, brochures, etc.) for the campaign you have developed.
There are three case options for the take-home final case exam. Students must complete one of the options. Follow the instructions carefully in each handout (download below). The cases are now available and can be started now and submitted any time up until the due date. The final submission must be uploaded in Moodle no later than  Saturday, December 6th by 10 PM. Students can upload up to 10 files to Moodle in the following formats: Word, PowerPoint, PDF, or Publisher.
Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty
Busi 3336: Direct Marketing
Take-Home Final Exam Case – Fall 2014
Dove took a brave move in 2004 by taking a stand against the use of unrealistic body images in promotion for beauty products
aimed at women. Dove was trying to fight the stereotype about skinny and airbrushed models. However, they did get criticized
because some of the models they used on their website were supposedly “overweight”!!! For this take-home final exam you
need to do a write-up and produce promotional materials. Make sure to address all of the information below in your
submission. You will need to use online and other resources to get background information on this organization and its
campaigns. Some background information links are provided below, but they are not sufficient for completing this assignment.
More research will be needed. There is no specific word requirement for this paper. The goal of your work should be to
thoroughly address requirements as shown in these instructions, using proper format throughout.
This is an individual assignment, NOT a group assignment! Submit your exam electronically by uploading it into the Moodle site
provided. Your written work should be typed, single spaced. You may include graphics for advertisements (etc.) in the text, or in
an appendix to your paper. Actual production of audio or video is NOT required. Use the planning materials (eg: storyboards,
radio scripts) from the DM Modules as was done for the in-course assignments. All written parts must adhere to APA format,
and all references, images, and other intellectual property that is not your own must be properly cited using APA format. This
will require the use of in-text citations in the written part of your exam, as well as the inclusion of a list of references at the end
of your exam before any appendices. If you are worried about whether or not you need to cite something, cite it just in case!
Remember, if you don’t cite it, you could be plagiarizing.
I: Introduction and Campaign Critique (50%)
Your first task in this campaign is to critique the Dove campaign, as represented in the links provided and in any other resources
you may find by addressing:
1) Your first impression of the materials
2) Your opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign
3) How you would rate the direct marketing campaign from 1 to 10 where 10 is “Great” and 1 is “Absolutely Awful”?
4) Explain how the campaign would be strengthened
This section of your exam should be written in full sentence and paragraph form except for Part 2 (strengths and weaknesses)
which may be done in point-form.
II: Campaign Creation (50%)
Your second task is to create a new campaign of your own. Your recommended campaign must include:
1) Market segment characteristics (demographics and other relevant descriptors)
2) Media blend selection (Must include at least three different media)
3) Development and inclusion of all promotional materials. Only materials that are created and uploaded with your case
(or in its appendix) will be graded. Promotional materials must be designed for each of the media chosen.
This section should be written in full sentence and paragraph form. The more media used in your promotional blend, the
greater the creativity, and the overall impact of the promotional materials, the higher your grade will be.
Some Background Resources
Traister, Rebecca. (Nov. 13, 2014). “Real beauty” – or really smart marketing? Salon.com. Retrieved March 26, 2013 from
______. (n.d.) Dove Evolution Video. Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Ads. Retrieved November 13, 2014 from
Feron, Glen C. (2008). Glen Feron – The Art of Retouchin. Retrieved March 26, 2013, from
______. (January 22, 2008). Wikipedia’s Poll on Fab or Fat. Retrieved March 26, 2013, from
Mediasmarts.ca. (n.d.) Media Portrayals of Girls and Women. Retrieved March 26 2013, fromhttp://mediasmarts.ca/gender-representation/women-and-girls/media-portrayals-girls-and-women-introduction
Dove Canada. (n.d.) Self-Esteem Resources. Retrieved March 26, 2013, fromhttp://www.dove.ca/en/Our-Mission/default.aspx

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