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Critique CBNRM (community-based Natural Resource Management) as a means of engaging local people in sustainable development.

Structure this as an essay. Use formal language. Use sources fro reputable journals only. It is essential that there is no evidence of plagiarism as this will go through turnitin software.
A key critique of development, as of economic growth in general, focuses on the environmental impacts. Anthropology has a particular brief here in understanding the relations people of many different cultures have with their environment and that has led to alternate development practices. Sustainability encompasses more than the relations with the natural environment, it calls for examination of how the benefits of development can be guaranteed for succeeding generations.
Please read these artcles before you start. If you have issues accessing them, i can upload them.
Tania Li 2002 Engaging simplifications: Community-based resource management, market processes and state agendas in upland Southeast Asia. World Development 30, 2
Piers Blaikie 2006 Is small really beautiful? Community-based resource management in Malawi and Botswana. World Development 34, 11
Focus for discussion
How is the theory of CBNRM challenged in its policy and implementation?
How has CBNRM fashioned and ignored local forms of social organisation and knowledge?
Examine CBNRM as an exemplary form of participatory development

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