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Food Research Project Topics

Sociology of Food
Food Research Project Topics
due date:       Friday April 10
You are encouraged to find a topic that interests you and a method of research that suits your own learning style. Note that below there are four different types of projects. You only choose one.
If you want to do a project not on this list you must check first with the instructor for approval.
Reading-Based Research
You will write a paper based on research from at least three different sources. Material can be found in books, magazines, or online articles. Suggestions are listed below. Many topics are controversial so be sure you represent the range of ideas on the topic e.g. GMOs pros and cons and state your own opinion in your conclusion.
Your write up should be a minimum of 3-4 pages, word-processed and double- spaced. You should include a bibliography of sources.
Suggested topics:
Genetically Modified Food                                                The Gluten Controversy
Organic Food                                                            The Fat Controversy
Vegetarianism                                                          Food and Mental Illness
Animal Rights and Food Production                   Breast vs. Bottle Feeding
Meat Reduction                                                        Childhood Obesity Solutions                                                                                            Children and Food Advertising Local Food Movement
Community Supported Agriculture                     Food Taboos
Fair Trade Movement                                             Cultural and Table Manners
Slow Food Movement                                             Extreme Food

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