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Global Business in Emerging Regions

Global business in emerging regions
This case study assignment (approximately around 3500 words, excluding references and title page etc); counts for 50% of the assessment for this module. This is an Individual piece of work.
Develop a country/market Analysis document for any emerging market of your choice– drawing on the material we have covered in this course. You assignment should address the key aspects of doing business in the selected market.
You may wish to include the following aspects in your analysis.

The local business environment- Key industry segments, opportunities and Trends in the selected market, equity markets
Globalization and International Trade: Key trading partners, Trade agreements, National policies, protected industries etc.
Legal environment- Risks, IP protection, crime, corruption, human rights etc.
The cultural and social environment- values and norms, societal characteristics, customs, ethics etc.
Environment and ecological issues: climate, stewardship of natural resources

 Graphs and diagrams may be used where appropriate. You should also make use of relevant theories in your analysis.
 A copy of your essay must also be submitted in electronic form (on TURITIN)
 Academic journals may be accessed via the library or the E-library sources. They contain articles which might be of use to cite for your essay. YOU MUST REMEMBER TO CITE USING THE CU- HARVARD STYLE.
 Finally, you are expected to utilise contemporary material from relevant broadsheet newspapers (such as the FT, the Independent, etc.), and journals such as The Economist.
 This is important, as it will enable you to position what you are learning in the context of current real-world developments in emerging economies.
 While you may use textbooks, newspapers and the internet as source material, you must obtain at least 6-7 additional academic journal references to include as references to support the case scenario you develop.
PART A : The local business environment 20%
PART B : Globalization and International Trade 20%
PART C : Legal environment 20%
PART D : The cultural and social environment 20%
Part   E : Environment and ecological issues 10%
Conclusions and recommendations 10%

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