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HRM Florida corrections outline

HR audit is a practice used by organizations to develop and evaluate ways of strengthening workforce performance. The main issues considered in the evaluation process include; methods of cost reduction, employee motivation and means to improve productivity and growth in an organization. Using Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation (FCR) as Benchmark, the paper describes the best HR practices such as; HR planning, performance appraisal, 360 feedback mechanism and rewards schemes among other practices.
Human Resource Practices
Effective HR practices are essential in achieving objectives set out by the human resource department in any organization. The Florida Corrections and rehabilitation practices the following in line with human resource practice; HR planning, performance appraisal, 360 –Degree Feedback System, Reward Schemes and discretionary employee benefits.
HR Planning
HR planning involves the typical HR evaluation roles, administration and identification of HR needs that are necessary in realization of the set objectives. The human resource planning is the major aspect Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation has used to gain its strategic organization processes.
Performance Appraisal
Performance appraisal is a process of evaluating employees output based on time, quality, and cost. Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation applies performance appraisal to seek information on how to better employee performance through the feedback system.
360–Degree Feedback System
The 360-degree feedback system is widely seen as a replacement to traditional appraisal system. In Florida Corrections and rehabilitation the recruitment team uses this system in HR operations in its attempt to improve the process by collecting and giving information.
Reward Schemes
Reward schemes is one of the common strategies organizations use to motivate employees. Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation uses the reward scheme as one of ways to motivate its employees.
Discretionary employee benefits
Discretionary employee benefits refer to compensation other than salary. Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation has devised a variety of discretionary benefits to its employees.
Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation best practices
In achieving better progress and success in employee recruitment, best practices should aim at improving effectiveness, reliability and should operate within legal framework. Bets practices can be attained by adhering to the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) ethics. Employees should be trained regularly to understand their roles properly. Effective communication is important in fostering good work environment. An organization should ensure that its employees understand workplace ethics and behavior.
Understanding Recruitment Best Practices and Implementation
Organizations which operate under a legal framework help in fostering its performance and ethical complaint to the society. By embracing legal compliant alternate, employee output for the organization increases at the same time, organization benefit by being protected by the law hence less issues concerning employee – employer are easily solved under established guideline. One of the important guideline that directs organization is the Equal Employment Opportunity law (EEO).
Literature on HR Best Practices in U.S. Public Agencies
One of best practices involved is the acquisition of talents based on their business and invention roadmaps. Most organizations have incorporated “Human Capital Planning” (HCP) as a competitive advantage in talent acquisition. HR best practice is about having an elaborate recruitment strategy. Social networking sites have surged in the recent past and provide a platform   for recruitment of potential job applicant. Most organizations have embraced this solution, although, some questions still stands as to whether social networking recruitment should be embraced rather than other conventional methods of recruitment.
Strategic Recommendations and Conclusion
FCR can benefit greatly by recognizing strategies that establish a ground for future organization improvement and growth. FCR should recognize incorporating experienced and successful corrections personnel by forming outreach program. FCR should encourage volunteers and volunteer programs in Corrections facility. By appreciating the role of EEOC, FCR will influence diversity and promote cohesion within its culture. Besides, HR practices such as HR planning, performance appraisal, 360 feedback mechanism and rewards schemes can contribute to employee’s motivation in Florida Correction and Rehabilitation and in organization which aims at embracing staff welfares similarly improving organizations output.

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