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Hybrid Cars

Hybrid revolution is one of the latest technological advancement to occur in the automobile industry. This revolution has not only made transportation comfortable but also exiting and efficient. It is evident that this development has encountered positive compliment and praise from both the production agents and the environmentalists at large. Hybrid revolution enabled the transition from the use of an internal combustion engine to the use of clean energy automobiles. These changes came due to their reliability and non pollution characteristics (Rockhold, 2005). The manufacturing of hybrid vehicles was stimulated by the general rise in gasoline prices with an unstable supply of oil. This brought about the need to create a suitable type of car that would consume less gasoline and still function as the normal vehicles. Toyota Prius became one of the first vehicles to be created as a hybrid. Due to the efficiency of this discovery a high number of individuals were attracted to this development raising the total sales of the hybrid car. Production of hybrid cars on the other hand became a potential business investment to most companies manufacturing and assembling vehicles (Montavalli, 2012).
Hybrids are also called the green cars and they come in four different types. Motavalli argues that the creation of these clean energy cars led to the transition from intangible cars seen in advertisements to real cars that could possible be driven. This is whereby hybrid cars were initially seen only in the television and magazines as advertising tools. The battery electric cars include those hybrids that only use electric motors and battery pack for their operation. Other green energy cars include the plug-in hybrids, the hybrids and the hydrogen fuel cell cars (Motavalli, 2012). This paper discusses on the hybrid technology in the automobiles and its advantages over gasoline fuelled technology.
Benefits of Hybrid Technology over Gasoline fuelled technology
Initiated by the Toyota Company in 2004, Prius second model became one of the first ever green energized vehicles to be established. The production of hybrids blended quickly into the market system and was therefore considered a pay back project. This was due to the positive feedback given by consumers. The first Prius consumed double the amount of petrol taken by the second generation. The degree of pollution was also double as compared to the latest Prius. With his observation, it can be concluded that the hybrid car is not only economical but also environmentally sustainable. A Convectional car loses its energy through smoke emissions and heating of breaks. The hybrid car on the contrary effectively utilizes all the energy drastically reducing its energy consumption levels. This sustainability in energy use and storage makes the car easy to maintain therefore cheaper in the long run (Motavalli, 2012). Tesla Roadster is a typical model of the battery electric cars which can operate and cover up to a maximum distance of 245 miles when fully charged. They majorly depend on battery power for their functioning. These cars also have battery packs. The Chevrolet Volt and the Fisker Karma are typical examples of Plug-in hybrids. These hybrids operate both on electric and gasoline powered energy. They initially utilize electrical energy for the first few miles; say 12, before using the energy obtained from their internal-combustion engine. This is economical as compared to full time use of gasoline.
According to Motavalli, Toyota Prius and Ford Fusion are the two major types of hybrids that use electric motor to boost their gas engine. These increase the efficiency of such cars through the adequate management of gas. The owners of these models would therefore spend less amount of money for purchasing gas. Unlike the other models, the hydrogen fuel cell hybrids do not use battery to produce electricity but hydrogen. This makes use of the heavily abundant hydrogen in the atmosphere as compared to other atmospheric components. The only problem experienced is the inefficiency of hydrogen stations in the US but has been countered by the Sun hydro station which is meant to provide more hydrogen gas (Motavalli, 2012). When this technology makes use if hydrogen which is available in plenty, it cuts down the cost of purchasing gasoline.
It is also evident that the companies have come up with different short and long term projections to achieve their goals. Firms such as Ford, Roland Berger and the Toyota have also publicly declared their plans for the production of the clean-energy models. For instance, Toyota plans to produce more than ten thousand hydrogen vehicles that most of the new cars produced in the whole world would be hybrid models by the year 2025 (Rockhold, 2005).
Rockhold clearly classifies cars as either full, mild, muscle and hollow hybrids. Full hybrids include those cars that utilize both the electric power and energy from gasoline. These cars only use electricity generated from the motor when the car is at low speed. During this period, the gasoline engine is usually turned off and the car alternatively produces less emission. Full hybrids usually conserve the use of gas and contribute to less air pollution. Ford’s Escape Hybrid and Marine’s Mariner Hybrid are the most common full hybrids produced. Mild hybrids on the other hand utilize both the electric motor and the gasoline engine concurrently. This is whereby the electric motor is used to ignite the gas engine which in turn runs the vehicle. The Insight and the Civic Hybrid constitute the basic types of this type of hybrid (Rockhold, 2005).          Muscle hybrids are known to have more power and can move at very high speeds. These cars are manufactured in such a way that the driver can automatically switch from the use of the electric motor to the use of gasoline engine. It is more developed as compared to the other types of hybrids. Honda Accord Hybrid is an example of the muscle hybrid and can operate up to 255 horse power. Hollow hybrids widely use the battery power for its operation. It has an electric motor installed on it which is rarely used. The common types of the hollow hybrid include Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid and The GMC Sierra Hybrid (Rockhold, 2005).
According to Montavalli, hybrids work in a relatively more complicated way as compared to the other convectional vehicles. Hybrids basically incorporate the use of internal-combustion engines and the electric motors. This engine operates fully on gasoline whereas the electric motor depends on battery for its power. Hybrid cars on the other hand incorporate the alternative use of the gasoline engine and the electric motor for their operation. Montavalli argued that the motor is specifically used to provide energy required by the car when it is in its idle state. At this stage, the gasoline engine is usually switched off until that moment when the car would start moving. This operation enables most hybrid drivers to conserve the use of gasoline and alternatively save the whole economy from the unstable supply of gasoline (Montavalli, 2012).
When a hybrid car is going downhill or moving at a low speed, mechanical energy is converted into electricity. This electricity is used to charge the batteries for later use. This is a formula for saving energy because the car uses already stored energy to accelerate. Saving energy means decreased costs. Renewable energy has shifted the attention from cutting down cost to creating electrical storages with higher capacities. This way the challenges involved unbearable conditions to save energy can be overlooked. This means consumers can enjoy more benefits at lower costs with sustainable environmental conditions (Office of Naval Research 2009).
Hybrid revolution has enabled cars produce kinetic energy while moving at high speeds. This energy is consequently used to charge the batteries whenever they get discharged. The motor’s primary rile is slowing down the vehicle since it acts as its breaks as well. This enables the hybrids to efficiently utilize all the energy produced within the car. Unlike most of the normal vehicles, a lot of energy produced is lost as heat produced from breaks and smoke emissions released through the exhaust. It has reversed the notion that going uphill uses a lot of energy to become a tactic for generating more energy. What works as a drawback for the gasoline fuelled car is a plus for the hybrid car (Energy, 2005).
Besides going green and being ecologically sensitive, creating a change in the social status is one of the reasons for the innovation of the hybrid car. It is clearly depicted that the production and sale of hybrid cars created its own unique market. Therefore, this car which is a bit highly priced when compared to the gasoline fuelled car has enabled a sustainable invention. The value generated on the sale of these cars pays for the cost incurred in its invention. This is an advantage considering that the demand for this car is high. In the long run the amount of revenue generated will counter act the expenses. Due to the high value attached to them, they are considered precious by the consumers and used as a sign of class in the society. Individuals who own these goods are therefore highly valued by members of the society. It is due to this nature that hybrid cars experience high demand even with the increase of its prices. Most individuals would still purchase this type of green-energy cars even though the sellers constantly hike their prices. This means that the invention of the hybrid car is a sustainable technology (Osch & Avital 2010).
The car has created a value that is indispensible, expected changes in future may not be based on cost but on superior technology and design. Hybrid cars are normally considered to be more efficient than the other gasoline vehicles. This is depicted by the fact that hybrid cars need relatively similar maintenance cost just as the other vehicles. This means that not only is the car energy saving but also cheap to maintain in the other aspects. This hybrid car has adopted good quality materials which when compared to their favorable energy consumption gives consumers value for their money. Most of the components and other parts of the hybrids are usually maintained on rare occasions. This is due to the fact that they are kept at exceptional quality and sustainable products. These products need no constant and maintenance and therefore alternatively reduce the costs required for the hybrid’s maintenance. The batteries can sustain the car for longer distances before it is replaced (Osch & Avital 2010).
The hybrid revolution has contributed to the emergence and sale of technologically advanced cars. The technology innovated in this car is directly proportional its value and this has seen a lot of sales despite the high prices. These cars have been used to solve the problem of the limited availability of resources such as oil. It has also simplified the challenges associated with energy preservation. The electric motor is basically supposed to lower the level of gasoline used by boosting the operations of the engine. Use of hydrogen driven cars on the other hand has also led to the reduction of the high dependence on gasoline for the supply of energy. Green energy cars lower the high rates of air pollution. Use of electricity and hydrogen to produce energy for these cars consequently lower the level of smoke emissions from the cars. Low levels of smoke in the atmosphere therefore lower the level of pollution. This boosts the green strategy of the United States. Investing in energy saving technology has solved the problem of gasoline utilization and environmental pollution. It is therefore evident that the hybrid cars are convenient than the convectional vehicles.

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