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Leader Member Exchange

Leader Member Exchange
Paper instructions:
Please respond with a minimum of 100 words each and include direct questions.
1. As a follower, share your LMX 7 Questionnaire score with your classmates and define the quality of your leader-member exchange as either very high, high moderate, low, or very low.  Is this result surprising to you?
My Leader- Member Exchange score Total was = 34
Score Interpretation : Very high = ( 30-35 ) which is excellent
No my result was not surprising to me, because I have a great relationship with my leader, I am one that very understanding in my work as well as understanding my leader.  We have an understanding of our problems and needs if any.  My leader recognizes my potential in my work and I’m always getting promoted to different positions because of my great work performance.  I feel like if you love what you do in your field of work that you will put your all in it for things to come out in it successful.  But if your a sub-ordinate that in the out-group your one that is just in this simply for a pay check, come to work and go home nothing extra volunteering on your part for the job.  I’m just the total opposite.
Again, as a follower, share with your classmates any positive or negative consequences that you have observed with ” in-groups ” and “out-groups”, in your organization ( present or past ).  Did you feel the members in the” out-group” had the opportunity to join the “in-group” or did you feel they were excluded by the leader?
Well as for the me positive wise, i am more in the “in-group because in the past as well as the present my boss and I has a very close relationship as a team as well as a friend.  We help each other out on projects at work is any assists is needed we step in.  I’m always volunteering to take on extra projects because I love what I do in my workplace.  However, there are subordinates at my job that I would consider them being in the “out-group” by their choose and no they are not excluded by my leader.  Those that I consider in the “out-group are those that come to work, do their job and go home nothing extra.  They are to me ones that simply just working for their pay and keeping it moving.  But me I like to be a part of all things at work if I see something I think need to be addressed.  I Love what I do.
2. After doing the LMX questionnaire my score was a 27.  This is described as being moderate.  This does not surprise me as I work in a busy medical call center and have daily contact with my leader.  The calls are constantly being monitored and I receive daily correspondence from my team lead.  Communication is difficult for me; but the call center environment has been good for me.  It requires me to communicate with my team leads and other leaders when it is called for.  It took me longer than others but after I was able to prove my abilities I was given more responsibilities.  I was able to help in training new employees.  This was a result of me doing my job well and responding to instructions from my team lead.
In my previous job in a Doctor’s office I saw the in-group and out-group more than I do in my present job.  Working in call center we are more on an even playing field.  In my previous job those who were close with the boss did get away with more and often got more approved time off.  In the call center those that get along with the leads better or have a more outgoing personality do get offered different opportunities.  As I mentioned in the above paragraph I get to help train new employees; but this was after many months of hard work.  I watched newer employees get this opportunity before me.  So I would have to say that that those in the in group do get more but the rest of us can accomplish this too with some extra effort.
3. A.)    My LMX 7 questionnaire score as a follower with my leader is a 33.  This score proves that the relationship I have with my leader is very strong.  I knew that prior to taking this questionnaire that I had a real great working relationship with my leader as we both have a great respect of one another and even though I have made mistakes and done wrong, I respect my leaders’ choice in discipline.  I have always considered myself as a professional but have made mistakes and have a great leader that kicks be in the pants to keep me in-line and despite our differences there is a deep amount of respect between us.  I believe that when subordinates and leaders can work with each other and respect each other’s differences it makes a great working relationship.  Each side needs to understand that disciplinary actions come with benefits and as long as both sides learn from them then a great leader and subordinate relationship will work.
?B.)    Through my years in the military and working in civilian life one thing I can say is every career no matter where you are is the same when it comes to in-groups and out-groups.  It didn’t matter if I was serving in the Middle East, stationed stateside or working as a civilian there were always the “elite” or “clique” and depending on if you were in or out there was always favoritism shown to this group.  I have found myself in these in-groups numerous times and believe my personality is what carriers me through, however I have never been an inner member of these group as I always embrace the outsiders and look for the good in everyone.  I believe with these groups there is so much lost when it comes to diversity as the in-group turns on anyone who is different or may have different views.  Within these groups I have found that it is usually a group that have been working together for a long period of time or as my case now, those who have grown up together and now are police officers in the town they grew up in so they frown when an outsider is hired.  For me I grew up in the town however I had left for more than 10 years before returning to become a police officer so I had no ties or connections to anyone when I was hired.  Although I was friends with those in the inner circle while growing up I had a different outlook on life as my personal experience took me around the world and I have learned to be open with those who are different.  I like to consider myself as a mediator between the groups and I have always been happy with being able to work with both sides rather than abstaining from interacting with one group.  I have learned more and believe I have become a better person because of it.
4. After completing the questionnaire, the score I received was a 27 which is categorized as high. The category also states that my leader-member exchanges are stronger and higher quality. The result of the questionnaire did not surprise me at all once I got over what I wanted to put for an answer and what I needed to put for the answer. I wanted to believe that I have the strongest leader-member exchange quality, but being a 27 is not too far off. I think the more personal you are able to get with your leaders, or follower, allows you to see some of the perks like what is discussed in the figure readings in this week’s chapter. I am also classified as being part of the “in group”. I feel like I am part of the group that is “in” at work. Sometimes a little niceness and face to face business will build so many bridges with other organizations, and allow you to get things resolved faster, or shipped quicker, or just have an easier time dealing with the task than others. Making friends, even if they are just friendly business acquaintances, will go a long way in getting things done.
The positive thing with an in-group is that you have an edge over people not in because the person might move you to the front of the line, or even stop their task to help finish yours. The negative thing is that maybe a group will do something wrong or to damage the reputation of the company, and by being associated with the group, you are looked upon unfavorably.
I think people not in the “in group” do have an opportunity to end up in the group, they just need to find out the common ground between the people already there.

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