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Practicum Experience

Identify the leadership skill you have been working to improve.
State where you are practicing to improve your leadership skill.
Choose one situation from your Practicum experience that describes/demonstrates for us a time you practiced your identified leadership skill. (you can give a story or an example to explain how didi you use the communication stills to help children to solve the math problems, such as 10+5=? )
the outcome of your leadership practice effort for that one situation.
Leadership skills
            I have been working hard to improve my communication skills, which has particularly hampered my leadership skills. Although I do not have problem using fluent and correct language to put across my message, I have realized that I experience problems while leading others because I am not very good in using visual cues to drive my message home.  Through my research, I have found that good leaders must skillfully use visual cues so they can catch the attention of their audience. I am practicing to improve on this essential aspect of leadership at Qunicy School, where I am attending my internship. In this school, my work is to help teachers to check children’s’ homework as well s helping children solve their homework. All these tasks require strong communication and leadership skills, and I am very excited because I have had a chance to improve in my weak areas (Ainsworth, 2009).
            One day, I was amazed how learning how visual cues can help leaders identify with their audience. This happened when I was assigned the role of helping children solve mathematics. In a nutshell, I tried all my best use visual cues with my hands and face.,……………………………………………………………………………..
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