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The concept of wisdom is critical in both nursing management and nursing informatics.

Part – 1
The concept of wisdom is critical in both nursing management and nursing informatics. Nursing judgment refers to appropriate delegation of tasks to the nursing assistants. This is critical to ensure that the tasks are delegated in tandem with the legal provision, the capabilities of the nursing assistants, and the established professional standards. In applying nursing judgment, the nurses should ensure that the tasks are delegated to the rightful individuals within the nursing fraternity. This calls for great wisdom to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the nursing assistants when delegating tasks. Nursing judgment is critical since the nurses should be ready to bear responsibility for the patient’s overall outcome and care. Therefore, the nurse should ensure that he or she works to deliver on the expectations bestowed on him or her as per the task at hand (American Psychological Association, 2010).
On the other hand, nursing informatics can be described as the incorporation of the modern technology in health care provision. Nursing informatics entails the use of information technology in healthcare delivery. This is an aspect that demands a lot of wisdom from the nurses. This is because the information from the patients has to be treated with the confidentiality that it deserves (American Psychological Association, 2010). Therefore, with the advent of nursing informatics, there is a great challenge in handling such information. Great wisdom is required while handling the patient information in nursing informatics. The nurses are responsible for the patients’ well-being and the right to privacy. Therefore, as much as the nursing informatics has been useful in facilitating the nursing profession, data security must be assured. In this case, it can be observed that the concept of wisdom is important to both nursing management and nursing informatics (McGonigle & Mastrain, 2012).
It must be appreciated that nursing informatics is critical in facilitating the work of nurses in modern days. This concept has overhauled the traditional approach to nursing and introduced the incorporation of information technology into nursing practice. Nursing informatics has facilitated information flow within the healthcare institutions. This has also enhanced accessibility to patient data. Nursing informatics has raised the bar in respect to the patient outcomes and enhanced the relationship between the patient and the nurses. Therefore, the position of informatics nurse is critical in ensuring that the welfare of the patients is taken care of in an effective manner (McGonigle & Mastrain, 2012).
The individual who will be hired to take this position in a community hospital must have certain qualifications. These qualifications will enable the individual to meet the challenges that come with the position. To start with, the individual for this position should be a registered nurse. Also, the person should be having qualification in the field of informatics nursing from a recognized institution. This will enable the individual to execute the functions that come with this position in an effective manner (American Nurses Association, 2008). There are certain tasks that the person to fill the position must be able to accomplish. In this respect, the appropriate individual for the position should be able to conduct data collection on patients in an effective manner. In addition, the individual should be able to report outcomes from the patients. Also, the individual must be able to design and manage clinical databases. The person should be able to create quality surveys and communication systems through the use of desktop publishing. He or she should also be able to design forms that can be used to record patient information.
Part – 3
The concept of nursing informatics can be argued to be one of the greatest revelations in the health care industry. Nursing informatics has come in handy in the 21st century. This is in respect to health care provision. This field combines nursing science and information technology to facilitate the nursing practice (McGonigle & Mastrain, 2012). In this case, there are numerous areas in which nursing informatics can be applied. Although nursing informatics does not involve a lot of contact between the nurse and patient, it focuses on the facilitation of the nursing practice. The areas of focus include how to enhance information and communication standards. This aims at building a comprehensive data infrastructure within the health care domain. Nursing informatics also focuses on concept depiction and principles aimed at supporting practical studies and education. The other area of focus is the research methods that aim at introducing fresh knowledge into the practical realm (American Nurses Association, 2008).
Nursing informatics in the 21st century also focuses on how data is represented and retrieved within the health care institutions. This is aimed at supporting the provision of a safe and patient-focused care. The other area of focus is on the need for integration of information and communication technologies in the nursing practice. This is aimed at facilitating work flow requirements across the various health care aspects. Nursing informatics is also critical in the area of defining health care policies that aim at advancing the health of the citizens (McGonigle & Mastrain, 2012).

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