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This is technically 5 different papers but since they each build on each other, I placed it as one order. Please just add references at the end of each paper, no need for multiple title or reference pages. The individual instructions are as follows:
PAPER 1 – Organizational Structure
In 5 pages, write an executive summary in which you provide an overview of a selected health care facility, followed by a research paper about the two major types of health care facilities. Preparation
Select a hospital, a health care clinic, or another health care facility to research throughout the assessments in this course.
Examine your chosen facility’s characteristics and its inpatient and outpatient facilities by completing the two parts below:
Part 1 – Understanding the Facility and Infrastructure
In the form of an executive summary, provide an overview of your chosen health care facility’s characteristics and structure. For example:
·         Identify and describe the location of the health care facility.
·         Describe the demographics of facility, including:
·         The general details about the facility. For example, is it a public or private hospital? Is it an outpatient or inpatient hospital? Is it a standalone hospital or one connected to a hospital system?
·         The size of health care facility, according to the number of beds.
·         Who the facility serves.
·         The specializations of the health care facility (for example, a children’s hospital or a general hospital).
·         Other types of services the facility provides.
·         How long the facility has been operating, and in what capacity.
·         Analyze and describe the organizational structure of the health care facility’s system. Include:
·         The mission and vision of the facility.
·         The departments within the facility and their responsibilities.
·         Analyze and describe the clinical services of the facility. For example, what are its special, primary, secondary, and tertiary services?
·         Evaluate and recommend areas for improvement. Include recommendations for the following departments and areas:
§                Administration.
§                Operations.
§                Clinical.
§                Compliance.
§                Information technology systems (hardware, software, and telecommunication systems).
Part 2 – Inpatient and Outpatient Facilities
For this part of the assessment, write about the two major types of facilities: inpatient and outpatient. These areas are important in understanding the overall policies, structure, and processes of a health care facility.
Answer the following questions about types of facilities:
·         What are the main differences between inpatient and outpatient facilities?
·         What is the purpose and importance of each?
·         Why would one type be used instead of the other?
·         What types of changes have occurred in the inpatient and outpatient work, facilities, and processes over the last decade?
What type of health information management (HIM) professionals work at your chosen health care facility? Explain the role and responsibilities of two HIM department professionals, and the challenges of each position. HIM roles may include:
Health information manager.
Clinical data specialist.
Health information technician.
Use a minimum of 6 resources.
PAPER 2 – Requesting Information
Create a 3 page request for information (RFI) for the hospital, health care clinic, or health care facility you selected in Paper 1. A request for information (RFI) is a formal way of telling potential vendors what the requirements of the health care facility are. To prepare for this assessment, research and identify the specific needs and requirements of your chosen facility.
Complete the following:
·         Examine and describe the compliance, privacy needs, and requirements of the health care facility.
·         Examine and describe the information system needs and requirements of the health care facility.
·         List current hardware, software, administrative applications, data storage processes, medical informatics, and so on.
·         Examine and describe the internal and external communication needs and requirements of the health care facility.
·         This includes Internet, intranet, security, intra-departmental communication, inter-department communication, patient communication, other telecommunications, networking, and decision support services.
·         Examine and describe the billing and coding needs and requirements of the health care facility.
·         This includes insurance and managed care companies contracted with the hospital and patient billing, payment methodologies, reimbursement methodologies, Medicare, Medicaid, and any other government programs.
·         Provide key components that address the strategic needs (such as administrative, technological, clinical, and organizational needs) of the health care facility.
Write your commentary in the form of a request for information.
Use a minimum of 6 resources.
PAPER 3 – Researching Solutions
Create a 3 page request for proposal (RFP) for the hospital, health care clinic, or other health care facility you selected in Paper 1. A request for proposal (RFP) formally asks vendors to submit proposals on how they would resolve the needs and wants of the health care setting. Prior to creating a RFP, one needs to be familiar with the various standards for the health care setting, as well as the field in general.
Using the Internet and Capella library, complete the following:
·         To research and analyze the critical needs of the health care facility, begin by creating a list of questions for a prospective vendor, focusing on security, compliance, and regulatory criteria. Create a list of 10 key areas that would be addressed in the RFP.
·         Research, examine, and evaluate HIPAA, electronic health records, and quality improvement initiatives.
·         Explain why these three topics are critical to the successful implementation.
·         Describe how all three areas are related to one another.
·         Examine and evaluate how information technology (IT) works within a health care setting.
·         Analyze how the IT and administration teams can work in a collaborative environment.
·         Evaluate the policies and human resource guidelines of the health care facility.
In the form of a request for proposal, provide an analysis of the key items above for your chosen health care facility. It should be at least 3 to 5 pages in length (excluding the title and references pages), with supporting references in APA format.
Use at least 6 references.
PAPER 4 – Integrating Solutions
The health care organization will work with its chosen information management vendor to integrate an effective solution to the needs that have been identified. Building on the RFP you created for your health care organization in the previous assessment, suppose you have selected a vendor. To prepare for this assessment, research the following topics:
·         The process for integrating a new system into a health care organization, including payment systems and electronic data interchange.
·         Strategies for implementing change management, including the associated training and development needs of departments and employees.
·         The ongoing support, development, and quality indicators of a successful integration.
·         The return on investment (ROI) a health care organization might expect from implementing a new information management system, including the impact on quality of care. Find examples where patient data, surveys, and research were used to demonstrate improved outcomes and results.
Write a 3 page analysis of the solutions to be integrated into the health care facility. Address the following:
·         Analyze how the new system would be integrated into the health organization.
§  Explain how various payment systems would be part of the solution.
§  Analyze how electronic data interchange works.
·         Recommend strategies for implementing change management.
§  Explain the training and development needs of departments when integrating changing technologies.
§  Include recommendations for educating employees.
§  Recommend ongoing support, development, and quality indicators for successful integration.
·         Analyze the return on investment (ROI) the health care organization might expect from implementing the new information management system.
§  Plan how you would work with leadership, finance, and IT teams to determine ROI success.
§  You are not expected to calculate the return on investment, but to analyze how the investment would benefit the health care organization and outweigh the money spent.
§  Analyze the improvement in the quality of care due to the use of the new technology.
§  Identify how patient data, surveys, and research would be used to identify the improved outcomes and results.
Use at least 6 resources.
PAPER 5 – Strategic IT Infrastructure Plan
·         Submit a two-part paper that defines:
·         The role of the governing board.
·         The strategic IT infrastructure plan you would present to the governing board.
This assessment should be formatted as one paper, using one title page and one references page that lists all of the references from all of the sections of the paper in one place. The paper should total 11 pages combined, excluding the title page and references page.
Part 1 – Governing Board
The governing board of a health care facility includes executive staff such as the CEO, COO, and the CFO, administrative staff including the chief medical officer, and clinical department and medical researcher heads.
For this part of the assessment, write a summary addressing the following in relation to a governing board of a health care organization:
·         What is the role of a governing board?
·         What are some individual roles and responsibilities for the people on the board?
·         What is positive and negative about a governing board? Why?
·         How does the governing board affect the various systems of a health care facility, including the IT infrastructure?
·         As stakeholders, what is the governing board’s interest in the facility’s IT infrastructure?
Part 1 of your paper should be 1–2 pages in length.
Part 2 – Strategic IT Infrastructure Plan
In your assessments throughout the course, you have been building the components of a strategic IT infrastructure plan such as you would submit to the governing board of a health care organization. Your existing components include:
·         Executive summary overview of your chosen health care facility.
·         RFI examining the specific needs and requirements of your chosen health care facility.
·         RFP of the critical needs of your chosen health care facility.
·         Integration solutions from the chosen vendor, including how information will be ensured for quality, how it will be secured, and how it will be utilized.
For Part 2 of this assessment, combine the components you have already completed into a strategic IT infrastructure plan. The parts of the IT infrastructure plan that you have already completed should total about 7 pages in length.
To finish your strategic IT infrastructure plan, add a summary evaluating the plan overall. Your summary should demonstrate your understanding of the newly integrated solution and the process that should be used to get there. Use the following prompts as a guideline for your summary:
·         How does the new integrated system secure information? This includes looking at laws, regulations, patient rights, employee rights, and barriers to security.
·         How is information utilized and managed by the new integrated system? For example, how is it used in day-to-day functions?
·         Evaluate your overall strategic IT infrastructure plan. Address the strategies used, recommendations for education and training, return on investment, and improvement of quality of care.
·         Identify and analyze both the common and the unique technological solutions provided by the plan for health care information management.
Your summary for Part 2 of the paper should be 3 pages in length.
Use at least 6 resources.

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