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Good Presentation:

Begin with a question.
Tell ‘em what you’re gonna tell ‘em….etc.

Tell Bojana to let Virg Setzer about my research participation, and that another class I did it for was for MGMT 4440
Ryan– HR at cu anschutz
The manager is a significant factor in how well a person performs.  The impact of the Manager on Performance is significant.

There are bad employees, but management has a significant impact on employee’s performance.
Mgmt can do something to help that employee improve.

The job of the manager is to enable the performance….
Primitive Brain (Amygdala) & Executive Brain (Prefrontal Cortex)

Two most important parts of the 5 parts of the brain.
Pre = where we form trust. “Am I (manager) creating trust or distrust?”
Behaviors & language either nurture or degrade.

Key Topic Presentation 4 – Alycia & Christian Gonzalez
Performance is best done in a collaborative, cooperative way.
PM is done with the employee because it benefits the entire organization.
PM = investment up front so that you can get out of the way & let your employees do their job.
PM is a means of preventing poor perf and working together to improve performance
KT 6  – Data Gathering, Observation
Data gathering takes time and resources.  The more data you gather, the more resources you’ll need to synthesize and make sense of it.  Therefore, it takes a commitment to data and to hiring and culture in order to actually use your data.
Be mindful of the difference between observation and inference.  Document facts only.
You mentioned documenting praise.  I can see why that’d be worth it to have around, but are there instances you know of where documented praise is looked at statistically? Seems pretty forward thinking.  Perhaps academia could study this.
Omar & Yusuf: be confident, you can speak!
Overall: I’d appreciate more efforts to synthesize the data into key points in memorable ways.
Ranking system SUCKS. If employees know you use it, it encourages them to sabotage each other and not pull together.
Types of Performance Appraisal: Rating, Ranking, Appraisal by Objectives
KT7 – Jed, Reem, Fatima
Look out for performance gaps. > Identify nature of the gap > ……. > Create an action plan
Diagnosis of performance gap works best when manager and employee solve the problem.
PM & Discipline:
Progressive Disciplinary Steps:

Identification & coop
Coop consequences

Continue to identif causes & try out solutions.

Unilateral consequences

Closer to actual punishment. May have to make consequences they may not agree with.

Human resources won’t let you manage P properly?

focus on producing results, your job is not to police the HR dept
Look to HR for help & advice
Look to boss for support

Rest of book KT group

****manager should always have mindset that employees can do their job if it is explained well and. This is important.  It is part of climate setting and clarity of purpose****
****A lot of HR is looked to by mgmt to actually champion and run the PM process.

But, HR doesn’t usually have that kind of power on the ground in these areas, they don’t have the authority to enforce the program, that’s for the managers
What HR can do is train mgmt to enforce or champion the program****

An actual solution: new actual pilot program and testing

LT outlook
Cascading process, keeps going
Creates a champion as it works on the ground
Review changes before you move the pilot on to the next company area

Whole Book KT – Tim & Dewanta
3 key words in the PM definition: ONGOING – PARTNERSHIP – EXPECTATIONS
Themes at effective PM companies: ditch ranking. Focus on ongoing. Ditch Yearly reviews.
****Need the link between overall big pic goals and daytoday individ goals in order for employee to feel like they are actually aligned with the company with their work**** – Tim
**Check Cargill photo – see how they do it well***
Everytime someone does something well, Tim notes in a doc, then he can let them know later
Data gather – observe – Document
Chapters 5&6 – Coaching –
The single most important element in a coaching frinedly culture: TRUST

Must reward managers who take time to coach
Open communication

“The business need is the driver of the coaching manager”.

Managers should not just be friends or invest in someone who isn’t doing anything

That’d be considered paternalistic

Rather, invest in Synergistic learning
My purpose, employee’s purpose, & org’s purpose MUST ALL CONVERGE (Venn diagram)

Ch 7 & 8 Abdullaziz & Abdullah Aldossary
Reflection – Important because it allows you to review what you’ve trained & PM’d on
Feedback – Ch 8

The coaching mirror will be created. It’s a question of whether it’s positive or negative.

This means that employees will copy managers


Focus on the specific behaviors, i.e. employee cuts off customers, employee
We think of people a certain way, but if we can’t tie negative performance behaviors to the person, then they do not have a performance problem.
This was basically an offhand discussion in the class, yet it struck me most.

KT10 – Ch 3 &4
KT ch 3 – Always make sure you’re communicating with employee about planning, current perf level.  After this you need to have diagnosis coaching.  This is the only way they can be properly coached and improve.  When problem is identified, work with employee to form new habits.  Then, work to make it stick in co culture. Involve staff in training.  To obtain maximum results, view it as a system.
Ch 4 – involve staff in performance management!  – gives staff a chance to evaluate themselves
KT – 13 Ch 9 & 10
Coaching.  Most companies assume that coaching should be directed.
In order for coaching to be effective, the manager must be both the initiator and the driver of change.
Don’t get coaching confused with PM. PM is more about actual job tasks, coaching is development.  “PM is mostly formal.  How an individual gets to their tasks, achieves, is where coaching comes in.” (Virg)  “An effective coach coaches to their coachee’s agenda.  A coaxer coaches to their own agenda.” (Virg)
To create a coachable environment:

Talk to learners, show you care
Make sure they understand their challenges
Be interactive
do goal setting
Support Development
Build strong interpersonal relationships

KT 14 Ch 11& 12 Alilson & Aziz
Key terms:
Safe people: those who can coast, pros who can deal with how their career is changing, skilled tradesman
Why should you network:
Info about opportunities
Feedback as to where you stand
Solve problems
Make the most of Management Education

Define learning goals – make sure the classroom experience is helpful
Chose right program, best aligned to the learning goals of employees
Do a coaching follow-up to employee after completion

KT 15 – Ch 13 & 14 – Monica, Mohamed, Mohammed
Challenge of Distance communication
Hard to udnerstand other peroson
Greater burden to fill in gaps
Tech connects ppl
Distance Teamwork coaching
Mgrs need to create an open and honest culture – talk freely
Encourage mgble risks
Use coaching for innovat
Ability to coach n talk w/ other coaches is helpful
Bonds through distance coaching – Helps you be comf
Important to know value of relationships
Use tech
To bridge gap
Enahnce development of coaching and mentoring
Facebook & linkedin, skype coaching sessions
Trust Import
Timely responses to team members
Establishing norms comm patterns
Establishing consistency around time
Actions you do help promote trust
Britt, Preston, Ryan – The Coaching Mgr – Whole Book
Good mgrs should be

Expressin interest & concern
Assist in dev

Dev Coaching;

Promotes on the job growth
Addresses how to achieve results
Solicits feedback

Benefits of DC

Skill growth –           ^ Job satisfaction        –           ^team & org abilities

Why don’t mgrs coach? – main book category.

Employees dont ask for it
don’t build strong enough relationships
Employees don’t wanna be coached by their specific mgr

*”People don’t want to be coached in skills from someone who isn’t already demonstrating those skills”*
*“Encourage employees to reverse-coach you”*

Coaching – Focus on Process Not Result

Action must be followed w/ reflection
Discussion – NO. Dialogue – Yes.
Coaching Manager is the facilitator of reflections
Reflection helps employees take ownership of issues

Followup after a coaching conference 5-7 days
Make sure mgr & employee can connect dots for why you went
Ask how they can apply those points
Check in regularly to see how they apply those things
3/7 – All Graduates – 12 Essentials of …..

Job Clarity Manager must assure every employee gets a clear and comp explanation of scope & responsibilities of job.
Performance Expectations

Use SMARTe goals

“e” consider the Environment

State clearly
Setting clear PEs will help you avoid substandard performance results

Partnership – between manager & employee.

Trust is important to this
Eliminates “Us versus Them” EE mentality
Build a business partnership with each employee

Coaching: developmental, direction, feedback, recognition

3 tips for mgrs to be better coaches

Self aware
Get to know your employees as individuals

Understand coaching is a two-way street

No Surprises

At any point, employees should know where they stand with performance


Given w/ intent to develop and improve; should be specific & instructive

Manage Emotions

No implicit consequence – Yes to explicit consequence
Tell them both negative and positive consequences

Competence & Confidence (of employee)

Mgr enables this in employees

Big 4 Takeaways
Positive & neg correlations exist
Be aware of your emotions
A manager’s job is to enable – Confidence & Competence
Most important communication (dialogue) is the foundation of PM
“Sandwich Feedback”: Positive – Constructive – Positive

Virg says it’s okay, but he’d rather you be good at giving real, straight, constructive feedback.

Virg – Managing Performance
The number 1 and best resource to help an employee improve their performance is….
YOU, the coaching manager.  You taking a coaching approach to management is probably the number one way to improve performance.
Want to remember one thing about coaching: “Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Have to shift your mindset a bit in order to this.

The stupidest thing management ever figured out was: “When someone is doing something they shouldn’t do, we give them time off.”
Discipline, Punishment & Probation generally work against performance, and they always work against engagement and retention.

He’s against discipline & punishment. It does not work in the best interest of you org.
Perf Improvement Plan is normally used to move ppl out of an organization.

“The manager’s conversations with the employee makes all the difference in the world in how they respond and perform.”
Ball Corp.
Question from Grad Team: What documentation (HRIS) system would be best?  Which one should they be using?  How much would it cost?  How would you roll it out?  How long would you roll it out for?  Why?
We can’t just recommend, we have to recommend wholly, the best, most thought-out recommendation.  Recommendations must be fully thought out.
Sam’s Club
A small merit increase in pay (6% raise based on merit instead of 2% corp-wide) can result in great cost effectiveness in comparison to pay increases that are not tied to merit: increase of pay of $66,000 for the 660 Club, but they estimate an increase of ($3.3 million ) in sales per day company-wide.
Grad Team
I don’t care about feelings: I care about results and figures.  We need to see salary numbers and use exact numbers.  Perhaps compare store-to-store.

include expected results
Tie it into class
How would I measure how your recommendations are working?

Use stuff from training: follow up to check on transfer of training

April 4th
Team 3 – Abdulaziz Al-Ansari, Jabor Almusaifri, Christian Gonzalez, Vito Pollock, Maria Tahir – Children’s Hospital
PM Process made in a rush, no initial training, and they are expected to learn from their coworkers and peers.  If coaching is missing, then the results won’t be evident, feedback won’t be gained.

Senior Leadership needs to believe that PM is important, even if they have a separate system for themselves. Medical facilities need to manage performance, and a coaching seminar has to show results after it is performed or else it isn’t worth it.

Cricket Wireless Team
D.I.R.E.C.T. Model uses following up of SMART goals set with employee self-discovery.  Their goals are SMART which requires followup which requires a sense of urgency for employees to actually have something to work towards and improve on in the day-to-day.
Redundant formal biannual Assessments.  Goals set once a year, and don’t change with changing market.  Redundancy and big picture mistakes can decrease the drive of performance.
Lewan Technologies – Christine, Cody P,
Universality of PM processes is a requirement of a solid organization’s processes.  This makes it hard to track the progress of the company.  Lewan is not doing this.  Each department does what they feel is right.  This also creates lack of motivation, communication, and culture.
The most important thing to this company is to explain to them why PM is important, because they don’t yet value it.
First Bank
Grad Presentation on our presentations

Addition by subtraction. In our presentation specifically, we could have shortened the amount of interview info.

Virg – Social & Emotional Intelligence (look at slides, they’re online)
Defined: SEI is the ability to be aware of our own emotions and those of other, in the moment, and to use that information to manage ourselves and manage our relationships.
3 competencies of self-awareness: emotional self-awareness, accurate self-assessment, personal power
Single greatest factor of professional career success is SEI.
Final Part 1 = Turn in by May 2, 6pm
Final Part 2 = 10 essay questions, One hour, will be online,  12 pm  on 5/2 – 5/9
No Class Next Week
Virg Lecture – Successful PM

Starts w/ mindset

Compliance or Developmental Mindset

Compliance Mindset

Authoritarian, rigid
Demanding, discipline focused
Punishment, harsh,
Limits Performance
Fear Driven
Works against trust

Developmental Mindset

Builds competence & confidence
Enables performance & success
Partnership approach
Free of Fear
Develops trust

Might be an exam question on What is your Performance Mindset?
Your Performance Mindset is really your People Mindset. It will either expand or limit your success.

PM Points to consider


Clarity of expectations
Power of convo

up/down regulaing language

Listen to connect
Listen to understand
Effectively solicit and give feedback


Build your relationships
Put relationship before task

Build trust



Questions about PM (possible & likely final ?’s)

What is the Purpose of Performance Management?
What is the primary job of every manager & leader
12 Essentials of High Performance
What are 2 or 3 most critical elements of effective PM
When an individual is not meeting performance expectations what actions must the manager take
When an individual is displaying inappropriate behavior what actions must mgr take
With PM, what is most critical to enable success
What comm, processes, practices, eleimnate fear in workplace?
“ “ create fear in the workplace
More important for performance success?: strong task focus or strong relationship focus
Who has greatest impact on individual’s perf success
Describe “Coaching Performance”
When should a PIP (performance improvement plan) be used?

It’s usually used to just get rid of people. Don’t use it.


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