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American Political Thought
American politics and social equality are not good enough at present. The 2017 elections, for example, were costly and led more to divide the Americans rather than uniting them. In the past, the elections were relatively affordable. For a long time, the Americans have been basing politics on notions (Harvey 10). However, more funds are used in the policy other than accomplishing the plans and the various projects.  Some Americans tend to love politics just because of power. Others tend to have a negativity attitude towards politics as their demands have not been satisfied by the previous governments.   Based on the elections, the social thought usually changes. Views used to be immense since people are interested in the political leader who will do what is right. Some ideas tend to enlighten thinking among the citizens.  Liberalism, scientific progress, republicanism, and conservatism tend to induce a lot of thoughts regarding politics. The residents have developed such assumptions that usually affect their way of thinking (Stovall and Alex 117).
The Americans used to imagine that the candidate who leads in virtually all national polling will probably win. However, the assumption has changed after the 2017 elections; the contemplation of the citizens seems to alter. In the past, the Americans thought that the candidate who had more money and better television advertisement was probably the winner. However, Trump’s victory was not based on the assumption, which changed the people’s thought regarding politics. Today, the supposition that a candidate lacking full support of his or her party cannot win has gone. During the 2017 elections, people did not believe that Donald Trump could win the elections. However, their notion of politics turned out to be wrong. Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States of America.  In addition to the belief that money and advertisement plays a significant role in the presidential elections, today it has dawned on many Americans that the more the media talks against a candidate, the more it establishes that candidate. The media is no longer trusted by people just like they don’t trust the politicians. Therefore most voters believed that backing Donald Trump was equal to fighting against the political elite of the country, who have let them down and jeopardized their cultures and jobs.
Historical and Contemporary Manifestations of Political Thoughts
The history of political activities in the United States dates back nearly two hundred years. The activity existed during the ancient times when leadership was embraced by the society (Hofstadter 166). The people, for instance, chose the leader with such program that met their demands. In America, there were great thinkers, for instance, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Paine among others. They promoted the radical ideas concerning political associations, scientific prudence, and religious toleration, which affected the formation of the modern political model of the government (Thomas 416, Franklin 207).  These ideas liberated leadership and society in the early forms of current opinions. Some of them established in the past include republicanism, deism, and liberalism. Although the ideas were shared in the past, they brought about changes in the current America. The USA took the ideas in a unique manner, which changed the citizen’s way of opinions regarding the politics. Franklin (210), believed that free trade and rationale should serve as an authentic steer for a nation to cultivate diplomatic relations, which altered people’s way of thinking regarding their country changes.  Nowadays, these relations have a real impact as they enable the country to associate with other nations in real terms. Therefore, the citizens’ opinion is influenced greatly by how her government interacts with other countries and especially her neighbors. Politics sometimes bring about adverse effects on residents, and as a result, the voters tend to have a negative thought about the policy. Franklin thought that sovereign entrepreneurs made good general public since they succeeded to achieve goals.  According to Franklin (220), the citizens tend to have active contemplation regarding politics.  Once they have achieved their goals, they usually have positive thoughts about the government.  Once the residents are busy to attain their targets, they lack time to criticize the politics, which, in turn, changes their way of thinking. Franklin also advocated for spiritual emancipation that could alter people’s thoughts regarding politics (Franklin 223).
In addition to this, voters could view politics from a different perspective, Jefferson Thomas (419), examined effects of their views on political affairs.  He drafted the affirmation of sovereignty. The statesman agreed that he was not quick in making changes in the constitution and laws; however, he concluded that the laws should be in hand with the progress of human intelligence. American thought on politics depends on the constitution and the laws governing it. Legislation that tends to oppose people’s deeds usually poses a negative thought regarding the political power or government.
Strict laws that prohibit what the citizens believe to right tend to bring controversy on how they view politics. The spirit of Constitution of the U. S can only be achieved if the people’s opinion regarding some of the actions or laws are addressed. The citizens have different judgments on the politics in a country (Thomas 420).  Once the politicians or a state passes laws that are against human rights, this tends to make people have a negative view of the policy. However, this attitude can be changed if the state legalizes laws that meet demands of the majority.
Alexander Hamilton (233), advocated for an active government. According to his program, a stable government needs to take into consideration the welfare of its citizens. However, it needs to know what the citizens think about it, which can help in making plans for development and adjustments to rules.  According to Hamilton (235), a country uses its national power to endorse defense and prosperity.  It also uses its authority to promote economic equality of the citizens, which empowers the people to pursue whatever interests them. Once people have freedom to undertake whatever they want, they tend to have a positive attitude towards their government and politics at large. The manner of providing human rights by the government affects the way citizens think about politics. In America, the human rights are given priority as this determines the type of government (Hamilton 240). The voter’s opinion on the view of government is essential as it helps to make adjustments to the laws and understand how to govern the country.
Freedom is something that most citizens in America advocate for. If the citizens are allowed to undertake what they are interested in, they tend to have positive thoughts about the state. However, lack of freedom usually leads to the fact that they consider politics and state as oppressive. Once freedom is granted, the citizens can do what they want without restrictions within legal boundaries (Hamilton 256).  Freedom of worship, for instance, allows people to view on how the government is devoted to religious matters and influences their positive feelings about the government and politics at large. According to American political ideal, all the citizens are entitled to equality of opportunity that enables them to contend and accomplish in the humanity.  The concepts of dignity and respect for the individual freedom have been appealing and seen as a powerful tool used by the government to capture the attention and involvement of the citizens in the government operations.
The government through the constitution provides the citizens with the freedom to access education. This freedom does not discriminate on race, religion or gender, and every American citizen should readily access any form of education. If this freedom can be reciprocated to the other sectors namely employment and health care, and guarantee equality, then the citizen will have a complete change of opinion about politics and government (Thomas 421). Over the past several decades, Americans have developed different views on politics. In the earlier period, the government imposed laws that could not meet all the demands of the citizens, for instance, the issue of taxation (Franklin 230). After the 2017 inaugural ceremony, the Donald Trump attended a prayer service at which a prominent clergy from a different religion prayed for the country. At that time, the people’s views on politics changed since the president went for prayers. After swearing-in, the citizens usually develop different opinions. In Trump’s case, some have accepted his political purposes, and others are pessimistic about his success in the role of the president.
If the law against human rights is passed, the voters tend to develop resistance; however, they have freedom to do everything that does not break the laws. At present, the federal agencies must confer with the general public when forming, modifying, or removing out rules in the convention of Federal regulations. Public involvement enables the citizens to have positive thoughts on the government (Harvey 5). Norms and standards that do not go in hand with the society usually bring about controversies, which give the government or politics a bad reputation. Ordinary political cultures advocate that Americans think alike.  However, some people tend to have more negative attitudes than others, which brings about differences in the way the society perceives politics.
American political thoughts are dependent on many factors, for instance, gender, family, region, and ethnicity among others.  Family contributes a lot regarding the political beliefs, for example, children tend to grow and take part in the elections the way their parents do.  The way how parents consider the events that are happening in their country has an influence on the children’s views as they tend to follow the trend. This enables them to have different beliefs about politics, for example, the Bush and Kennedy families (Stovall and Alex 117).  Religion is one of the factors that affect the political contemplation in America. The impact of religion has been present in the past and still active nowadays. Religious beliefs about politics tend to influence people’s understanding of happening events.
The spiritual rights have a tendency to prop up conventional contestants, therefore, probable to contribute to Republican Party than to Democratic Party. The issue of the religious right on political reflection is associated with social matters, for instance, divorce, abortion, and school prayer. They tend to enable people to have a different thought concerning politics. The society influenced by the religion tends to concentrate on issues that affect humanity other than economic issues and overseas affairs (Harvey 12).
Gender is the factor that also determines people’s thought about politics. In the past, society used to think that women could not rule. However, in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, women have been empowered and got the right to take part in ruling positions. Most people have different attitudes towards this fact; for instance, there are cases when society tends to overthrow a woman who tries to vie for an administrative post as they believe that only men are legitimate for such jobs (Stovall and Alex 117). In the last elections, when Hillary Clinton contested for the presidential seat; this was a clear indication that the citizens had developed different views concerning gender in political affairs.
Ethnicity brought about various issues on politics in America; however, the society had formed different opinions on this. Barrack Obama was believed to be a different president because of his race and ethnic group, which enabled people to have different ideas regarding how he would rule (Stovall and Alex 117). However, when the president is in power and observes the human rights, citizens usually have positive beliefs about his or her political affairs. The many global transformations have been based on some factors. Their effects are tangible and can be seen in how politics are done nowadays. It can also be seen on how the different government operates. Nevertheless, the effects of neo-liberalization have been hardly looked into. Neoliberalism is seen as a valuable alternative to capitalism and therefore is seen as by capitalist as a threat to their system (Harvey 31). This group is made up of passionate advocates, academic economists, historians, and philosophers. In addition to these groups, more citizens are subscribing to this school of thought at an exceedingly high rate. In addition to this, Neo-liberalism has affected how people think about the government and the different government agencies. The aspect of transferring important public sectors to private ones, in most cases brings with it more questions than answers. It makes the citizen to distrust the government (Harvey 32).
The Americans should be confident regarding their policy as this allows them to advance.  They should try to negotiate with the government about the issues that may arise instead of only thinking negatively of the politics. American contemplation should not involve gender inequality, race, ethnicity, and religion when electing the leader. The factors contributing to the American notion of politics should be eliminated as they cause division among the citizens.  The government should consider the public view before implementing laws as this is the basis of any democracy. The human rights should not be violated as this may cause negative thoughts towards politics among the individuals. The citizens should not overlook each other, especially those who in power because they need to address the problems once they arise.
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