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wheat production in Russia

Please provide a graph showing the wheat production in Russia before unfavourable weather conditions and after it. I want to see the statistics. Please do not forget to tell the source for this new graph.


Please provide citation for this sentence [Malawi is an agricultural economy country in the southern Africa that has a high dependence rate on maize as it staple food contributing up to 57% of the calorie intake of the total population in the country].


Please do citation for this sentence [The country is generally self-sufficient in maize with an occasional annual import and export of 6% of the total production].


Please give information about the ranking of Malawi in the global maize production. I want to see statistics. Please write roughly at least 30 words for it.


Please do citation for this sentence [Since the poor make up a large majority of the population, they serve as a big political constituency and make food price issues the heart of politics in the county].


Please provide citation for this sentence [This has mainly been due to political reasons where politicians do not want to lose favour with their voters by advocating for a market determination of prices that in greatly affected by spatial and temporal variations].


You give this citation ‘FAOSTAT’ for the graph provided in ‘Factors that have dictated food prices’ part, however, I did not see this citation as reference in the reference list. Please care about it.

Please provide citation for this sentence [Retail suppliers and other distributors have directly influenced price although they have a restriction to the amount of direct costs that they can pass to consumers, therefore to cushion themselves, they have offered lower prices to farmers, as well as engage in speculative activities of buying and holding which have resulted in temporal variations on the supply of staple foods, and increased the volatility of the domestic market price

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